I Couldn’t Even See The Forest For The Trees

 [Top; New Look (similar) | Jacket; Next | Jeans; Diesel (similar) | Shoes; Boden

 I'm not going to lie, the title of this post is kinda a lyric from Bring me to the Horizon's 'True Friends' song, because I've basically become obsessed and its on repeat at every opportunity. To be honest, songs like that are the polar opposite to what I usually listen to, I'm usually the one who screams S Club in the house and knows pretty much every One Direction song out there #lol. So to like a song like this is, well, different.

Anyway, apart from my new faze of liking rock music (this'll last approx. 10 days, as with everything else!) I had lovely day Saturday, were I went on a lovely catch-up/ coffee date with my best friend to Costa; our genuine favourite activity. As it was on obvious casual afternoon, I didn't dig out the Mulberry heels or anything along those lines, I simply wore some denim jeans, my Boden jewelled flats (actually favs) and this burgundy fizz-bomb of a jacket. Ok, I'll admit, the jacket isn't mine. I did that thing were I had nothing to wear so dug through my mum's wardrobe, and hey presto! the jacket was calling - it so handy having a fashionable mother! (she'll lovely me for typing that!!)
So, this rather dark looking outfit was casual enough for a coffee out, but weirdly reflects the faze of my liking Bring me to the Horizon ha, don't worry I'm going to start wearing black lippy or planning a neck tattoo.. think I better start blaring the reach up for the stars, preeeetty handy HAHA!

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