Made for Walkin'

 [Top; Zara (similar) , Jeans: All Saints (similar), Boots; Next, Sunglasses; Prada]
So, coming your way this evening is a bit of a casual post. A casual outfit from the weekend, where I hoped on a train to my cousins house and later attempted to be a vampire.. obviously this outfit is from a few hours previously - this would've been one lousy attempt otherwise haha.
To be honest, these kinds of outfits are worn when I've ran out of inspiration. You know when your in a situation were you haven't been shopping for a long long time and you kinda have fallen out of love with your wardrobe.
As its the changing of the seasons once more and autumn starts to tick over to winter, more woollen jumpers and boots need to be the uniform, but honestly, I haven't really packed away the summery clothes - nor have I quite dug out the knitwear.
Basically, long story short, I am in a need of a huge winter haul in the form of Zara or Next - my two favourites! In a few weeks I'm visiting my best friend who's in Uni in Cardiff so (after the 4.5 hour train ride) we'll hopefully hit the shops and my new found regular wage can be handed over in exchange for a more winter-appropriate wardrobe - and I can fall back in love with the clothes I wear!

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