Red Lips & Grey Skies

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Let me first just translate the title; by grey skies I mean near enough black skies, with torrential rain & hurricane-like wind, aaah Winter in Britain is here.
Anyway, amongst all this horrible horrible weather, on Saturday I took a very last minute (well, last minute for me..) trip Christmas shopping with one of my close friends. Being the ever sensible person I am, I decided that dolly shoes would be a great idea for the pouring rain - let's just say I had very soggy feet not too long after stepping out of my car to the shops #doh
Oh well, this (minor) blip didn't get me down to much, how could I, when every shop we went to had Christmas music playing, with Christmas gifts and Christmas decorations EVERYWHERE.. I know its only mid-November, but who cares; how many weeks to go, 6 weeks? 5 weeks? aaaaaah!

As I said, I decided on the most impractical shoes imaginable for the weather, but with these Matalan legging-type trousers, boots never seemed appropriate. I bought these bottoms earlier in the week and have become ideal for every occasion; they're amazingly comfy for 8 hour shifts stuck in an office (no one wants to be uncomfortable for that long, do they?!), they're dressy enough for shopping or even an evening out and to top it off, because they're such comfy material, they could even double up as joggers for lounging round the house on weekends.
I've said it before, but its true that one new piece of clothing in my wardrobe really perks me up and makes me love everything else in there.. might have to make a little trip to Matalan to pick up some more of these bottoms, besides who can go wrong for £10 each?!?!



  1. This is such a lovely outfit! I love those trousers, I'm such a fan of the print.
    samantha xx