The Last Couple of Days..

 So this post is a bit of a mish-mash of my life over the past few days, because I've been quite busy really, doing all good things!
These photos aren't really in any kind of order, but basically, over the past few days/ week or so, I went out for Halloween and attempted to be a vampire. Paining my face all white with cheap face paint - which turned out a disaster because someone told me I smelt like a Crayola crayon so instantly wipe it all off in the toilets! Oh well, I had a so so night... going out 'drinking' isn't my idea of fun at all, but I tried to make an effort because it was Halloween..
Later on last week, I went with my mum to the nearest fireworks display which was a nice evening, all tucked up in a scarf and hat.. always a good idea to watch a fireworks display!
On Friday, me and mum finally got round to watching the new James Bond film: Spectre, which I've basically wanted to see since it was announced there was a new one. To be honest, James Bond films are always good watching because it's all action and the Britishness is actually quite comforting.. ok, its one of those were you're not quite sure what the storyline is, but Daniel Craig makes it a delight to watch..
Finally, on Saturday I went for a lovely catch up with my friend to Costa - see what I wore here. The photo below may be just the grainiest photo I've every uploaded on this blog, but my local Costa have REALLY bad lighting.. oh well I wanted a picture to document a nice day..!


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