The Regulars

When it came to this post, I was going to go down the typical monthly favourites post; pick a few items I've loved from the month thing.. you know the stuff. But then it occurred to me that these items here are a little more than that, these items have been literally used religiously for as long as well, let's just say I don't remember a time I didn't own them.. you could call them regulars.. ha!
First is the espresso, well the coffee & the little mug itself. It was only the other day that it occurred to me that I can't remember what life was like before I owned a coffee machine. What would Monday (and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thur...) mornings be like without a shot of espresso.. what WOULD life me like, eh?
The coffee machine was a present for my 18th birthday last year and so was the Olivia Burton watch. The watch I own is a gold dialled, dusty pink strapped beauty that literally never leaves my wrist. I'm one of those people that can't not wear a watch out the house, so to say this is a 'regular' in my life what be an understatement.. ye I'm that girl who checks here wrist all day when she's forgot to wear it and whinges that she needs to know the time... ha.
For beauty, YSL's Black Opium is just my scent, it's probably more for night time, but oh well.. I like it. It's nearly at an end too which makes me very very sad, well yano I will just have to pick Debenhams some time soon.. On ma Lips, Clinique's 'Berry Pop' is literally a shade I've fallen in love with. Its a deep purple/berry shade, which obviously fits the autumn beauty regime perfectly, its moisturising, its long-lasting and most of all its BE-AUTIFUL.
Finally (cheers of joy?), is my brown shoes from Zara, they literally match everything, are comfy and go with my whole wardrobe, love love love...!

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