[Jumper; Vintage | Jeans; All Saints (similar) | Boots; Zara (similar)]
 So a few weeks ago in a blog post, I wittered on about how I hated my wardrobe and everything in there had been over worn, and basically it just needed a freshen up. Well, low and behold, I went on a massive spending spree and as if by magic I now don't hate my wardrobe.. there are now items which are actually appropriate for winter (I did kinda buy 3 knitted jumpers, all coming up in Wednesdays post..!)

For me, my style kind of changes, you could say like the weather haha but genuinely the weather does play a very big roll in what I decide to put on in the morning. Often, I do dress down, yano the plan top and black jeans. But, more often then that I like to dress with a bit of colour, there is not that many neutrals in my wardrobe, to be honest I never help myself when I go shopping.. my eyes are just drawn to the bright patterns and colours. This stars-and-stripes themed jumper, I sported over the weekend being no exception. I actually picked it up in a little vintage shop in Cardiff, me not being one to automatically think to go into vintage shops, I was actually surprised as how much I like things they sold. I honesty really love this jumper and am so happy I managed to find it.. like the women behind the till said as I bought it 'no one around is going to have this jumper, apart from you' - I think that made me smile just that little bit more.

As it keeps in with the current rollneck trend that's been sported this a/w, I've got a feelings its going to get a lot of wear. I got round to wearing it over the weekend, and paired it with some simple white wash denim and warm boots. But, I do think it will go with any bottoms, because its simple enough with the cream, but the pattern of the flag will make the outfit stand out a little bit more... love love love.

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