A Few Things to Love About Christmas...

As I've finally got in the Christmas spirit, I thought it was only right to show you all reasons to just love the festive period. At the end of the day, to me, life is just too short to hate Christmas. Ok ok, it might be mega commercialised nowadays and perhaps, yes the true meaning of Christmas may be lost behind the mask of John Lewis adverts and Coca Cola trucks, but life is just too precious to hate a period were twinkly lights fill the horizon and Slade is on every radio playlist imaginable.. so here are a few reason why you should quit the scrooge act immediately and start singing loud for all the hear (100 cool points if you got that Elf reference)

The Tree & Decorations; I think once the tree is up and the living room is filled with glitter, tinsel and snowmen galore, you just can feel the smile rise on your face. We usually put ours up around 2 weeks before Christmas and the festive spirit really begins, which makes dark nights in just that little big more magical! Its on those cold night in that I love to drink warm festive teas, Christmas Drinks; these being the likes of Gingerbread Green Tea or anything with a little spice- they just warm you up inside - literally Christmas in a mug!
For me, as soon as December strikes its as if no other lipstick other than Matte Red Lipsticks are aloud on my lips. Kate Moss 111 or 107 are constantly rotated and the pinks are firmly kept away till Spring.. Finally, is the Christmas Chocolate; for me, it isn't Christmas until I've eaten my own body weight in Mint Matchmakers and After Eight Mints, they literally are the BEST thing about Christmas..



  1. Your photography is so beautiful! I'm obsessed with after eights too, they're literally the best!! xx


    1. aw thank you so much! Christmas chocolates are the BEST thing!! x