Blog Eighteen in Twenty Fifteen

 Twenty Fifteen In; BEAUTY
 As far beauty post go, they seem to have died down in recent times on this little blog, that been purely because I've loved to play dress up and beauty has taken a back seat. Looking at the posts I've done here, I actually feel an urge to do more beauty post, because really, there's nothing I love to do more then to do little arrangements with aaaall the flowers and candles. Perhaps that's something I'll work on in 2016; its just I don't buy a lot of beauty products, but every now and again when I do it may have to appear on the blog..!
As far as beauty,  this years seen a big development for me, in terms of taking photos of products and flat lays. I actually learnt how to use my camera earlier on in the year (who knew there was another setting, bar 'auto' HAHA), so the aperture (is that the word haha?!) and lighting settings in general have help my photos look, well less shit really. I've really loved the whole, white background look of beauty photos and the endless stream of flowers me and my mum buy ourselves has not been wasted... a bunch of roses is always worth photographing!

Twenty Fifteen In; FASHION
Its my outfit photos that have really been the biggest development on this blog in 2015. Yes, I know I'm basically just standing in the same spot in my conservatory week in week out, showing you all what I wear. But, its something that I've really enjoyed, often I have thoughs self-conscious days where I just want to cut all my hair off or cry in a corner (bit dramatic but I ama girl at the end of the day haha!) But, I've started to build some confidence and have become just that little bit less awkward trying to pose for the camera (though that area really needs some work on in 2016!)
With me I love clothes and styling items, having this to look back on    
makes me feel more at ease that I do have clothes to wear on them days when I have nothing in my wardrobe!!
Here's to another year of awkward poses and half smiles...!
Twenty Fifteen On; INSTAGRAM

As far as Instagram's concerned this is the year I actually figured out how its all done, and have sadly become one of those girls who has to have everything match her theme (god forbid the break in the theme!) As I always say, at the end of it, Instagram is just a bit of fun and if taking photos, editing the shit out of them, and posting them with a funny caption brings me joy, then what's wrong with that!! - Yes, I do realise I sound like a 60 year old!
As far as this years gone, Instagram has reminded me of so much; I've been lucky enough to have two holidays; Ibiza with a big group of my friends & Cyprus with my mum. I've started the year stressed with A Levels, but ended up with grades I couldn't of dreamed of (ABBB!!!) I've had lovely days out with friends, a couple of Spa days. I've started a full time job I love, saved enough to buy a Burberry scarf with my initials (obviously haha) and finished it off with a lovely Christmas with family... Yes, there have been lows, it's inevitable, but really the highs have really out weighed them. My blog has developed extremely and I now have the time to work on it as much as I'd like; Weekends have become blog days as well as days for me to enjoy - its actually been lovely having the endless stream of coursework stop!

If you've read/ commented or even just given me a follow on bloglovin etc. thank you so much, I
hope my little space on the internet is enjoyable enough, because it brings me so much joy and I
actually get exited to take photos/write. So thank you, and here's to anyother year of rambling..!



  1. Very cool. It looks like 2015 was a year of denim for you! Can't go wrong with that. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Thank you! Denim really has been my best friend in 2015 haha!! xx