Haulin' Up

As mentioned in Mondays post, I went shopping. As aside from the beaut of a jumper I discovered in a vintage shop, I obviously stepped into Zara. Literally, anybody who knows me personally, will know I absolutely ADORE Zara (putting that word in capitals only seemed appropriate) As I live deep in the country side, here in North Wales, the nearest actual Zara store is about 1 1/2s drive.. so whenever I'm actually in a city which has a Zara, it actually feels like an occasion to me; probably why I go all out and the receipt is never less then 3 figures.. little bit obsessed.

So, whilst I actually ventured out of the farm lands, I felt it was only appropriate to splurge on some knitwear. I picked up an incredibly soft, thick grey knit and thee warmest jumper of them all, a chunky cream number; both roll neck, both beautiful. Also in Zara, I managed to pick my provisional Christmas day outfit, a red-patterned pinafore style dress and a red textured roll neck for underneath.. expect a outfit post in the very foreseeable future..
Finally, although I didn't buy this whilst in the store, I did order it a few days later (just to make up the price of the free delivery really ha) I bought the small, tasselled side bag, specifically for my work Christmas party in a few weeks. Its quite a compact little bag, with a drawstring type closure on it. I actually don't have a black side bag, so for once I've bought a basic accessory that will actually go with everything.. *pats self on back*

After leaving Zara with a considerably lighter bank balance then previous; my friend wanted to go into Urban Outfitters - a shop that I often forget about, again probably because the nearest actually store is about 2 hours away.. see how deprived I am living in the countryside, huh?! HAHA.
Whilst there I was actually surprised at their collections, and picked up a simple white t-shirt, that's slightly cropped with the phrase 'cools kids' written on the side. I just thought it was as really quirky spin on a simple white t-shirt, so I am definitely happy with this find! Finally, again from Urban Outfitters, I bought something that I never knew how much I needed until it was in my hands; a portable phone charger. I've obviously heard of them, but never thought  it would be of use to me.. how wrong was I?! As, I said before, I was in Cardiff shopping which takes just shy of 5 hours via train to get to. Well, on the journey home it was literally a god send to know I could use may phone for as long as I wanted with out my phone dying on me, I think the charger was out within the first hour my journey.. and it was only £8, genius.


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