My Festive Week..

CHESTER; 19th December 2015.

 To kick start my Christmas Week, me and my close friend Katie, took trip to Chester for some Shopping and Christmas Market action. When you get older, the Christmas spirit seems hard to find or feel, so what better way then to have a gander round log cabins, eating fudge and singing along to 'Christmas time, mistletoe and wine..!' Because it was the last Saturday before Christmas, it was pretty packed, but we'd set out knowing that and had no pressure to have to go anywhere, we just wanted a festive day out... and that we got!!

Food With Mum; 21st December 2015

Because I'm lucky enough to have the whole of the two weeks Christmas off work (the blessing of chirstmas shutdown!!) it was only right to start the week with some leisurely lunch out with my mum! We went to place called 'Ty Golchi' - a Welsh Café, so 10 points to you if you can pronounce that!! I had some amazing Fajitas and mum had a prawn sandwich.
 A very low-key day, but they're the best aren't they?!

Christmas Day & Boxing Day; 25th, 26th of December

To end my Festive week, obviously it was CHRISTMAS! I have to say, this years day was one of the nicest we've had. Instead of going down the traditional route (and my mum, being no Nigella in the kitchen) we went out for Christmas dinner. It was actually such a nice change and something me and mum thought 'why have we never down this before??' Christmas morning was spent opening present and getting ready, then lunch at 12.30, then home in out joggers and hoddie for an evening of watching crap tv (Christmas tv this year was shocking, wasn't it?!) .. It was such a different but lovely Christmas!
For boxing day, we've had our family round for a buffet, which used to be a tradition, but something we haven't done for years. Its just so nice having all my family round and laughing and joking, and just generally being merry! It actually severally flooded in my village/ area, but luckily my whole close family live in the same village so nothing changed at all! so we had a house full on Boxing day (about 14/15 people haha!) and just a lovely lovely day.

 Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Looks like you had such a fun Christmas week, glad your family is ok in the floods! x

    1. Our Christmas was lovely, Thank you - Hope you had a lovely Christmas too!
      Thank you, we're all safe here, the floods are just a bit of a nightmare! Our back garden is just a swamp!! Xx

  2. Sounds like a perfect Christmas week, I'm glad you had a wonderful time:) So sorry to hear about the flooding though, glad you're all safe.
    Natasha X

    1. Thank you, Christmas was lovely, hope you had a wonderful time too!!
      The floods are all ok now, just was a awful on Boxing Day!