When looking back at these photos now, I can't help but think they look extremely Christmassy; originally it wasn't actually supposed to be - I basically wanted to do a post about the colour red in general.. but I think I'm just going to roll with the festive vibes going on here..!
Like I just said, in this post I wanted to write about how much I've been loving red at the moment. Whether its the lipstick I've sported everyday (quite literally), the red roses I have perched on my dressing table or the red nail polish I've donned for a while (though I have had to take it off because its a bugger for staining!) I've seen quite the a pattern forming.
I often do this, I go through fazes were I love just one colour, then every time I see something of that colour my eyes are just drawn to it.
To be honest, I think it is definitely the fact the countdown to Christmas is officially on, because honestly, is there a more festive colour?! (serious question) I feel my faze of loving red will carry on for the coming weeks, with the roll neck pictured below probably going to be warn for as many days as possible.. Now, all I have in my head is the song 'red red wiiiiine' haha

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