Somehow Growing Old Feels Fine

So, as I've mentioned before here, just shy of two months ago I started a new job. An actual adult-real-life-9-to-5-Monday-to-Friday job.. know the one I mean?
As I'd made a solid decision that University was not for me, a full time job was the obvious answer. To be honest, Its actually suited me perfectly, because I genuinely found the last year of Sixth form horrendous, with the endless deadlines, the work load, the stress.. just all of it was horribly depressing for me. So, even the thought of going straight from that to studying for a degree (not to mention the moving away and full on independent living) was just the worst idea, I literally even think now how much it would have made me unhappy.
So, I decided to look for a Full-time job, and that I was blessed with. Now, here I am happier and more-content then ever. As I now here I am (trying) to live the adult life - well, yes I do still live with my mum and she does still cook me tea every night.. but I HAVE made steps to being independent..
I thought I do a list of a few things I've learnt of the past few months and the transition from school pupil to actually worker of the real world.. wish me luck.
1. Money is the Common Denominator; Ok so here's me trying to be adult-like, but I literally searched Justin Biebers first album to find out how to spell that, SO wasn't obsessed with My World 2.0 aged 14... So, as I've started to earn a regular wage, I've started to pay my mum every week for keep, which is only fair. Then I have to counter in petrol every week, then there's saving for that handbag... Yeah, earning money means spending money, so basically money is always on my mind.. how much is coming in, how much is going out. Money, now seems to be even more important, basically I've now realised the phrase 'Money is what makes the world go round' is very close to the truth.
2. Time is Precious; It seemed when I was in school, time didn't matter. There was nothing I could do that would change the fact I was in full time education, my daily goals were to complete homework, get a good grade on test etc etc. But now, now time seems too precious for my liking, because now I can actually change what I do with my life. When a week goes too fast I'm like, omg what did I actually achieve this week? - Ok, I doesn't worry me hugely, but I do think more now, about how I spend my free time. What my goals are and what I want to do in life... ok, this is way too deep for my liking, on to a more up beat point..
3. Getting Exited about Tomorrows Lunchbox; Its actually a daily routine now, every evening I pack my lunchbox, ready for 12.30pm the following day. Its actually quite sad but I've found myself going food shopping and being exited about what I can find for that weeks lunch box.. Ok it sounds way sadder typing that out; all I can say is the Rock'n'Roll lifestyle would definitely not be for me.. I'll stick to planning tomorrows Actimel and chicken sandwich HAHA. 
They were just a few things that have, lets say, transitioned into my life. Honestly though, I am far happier with my life now, then I was throughout the whole of A Level.. all I can say is this is a massive up yours to every teacher or person who thinks its University or Die.. I'd much rather be Happy & Degree-less then Visa Versa, that's for sure... 

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