The Candles of Christmas

Ok so in my house, candles aren't exactly brought out specially for Christmas, they're EVERYWHERE,  ALL YEAR. But, around this time of year, I love to bring out the festive smells; the cinnamons, orange smells and just about every spice out there. Here, I have this year's Christmas collection of candles that are dominating the Gibson household..

 As I'm not the best at describing smells (well who is lol) I'll just give a brief description of each candle.. or just copy out what's on the labels (cheating Lisa, cheating)
The first and probably the main candle, is a new purchase but will most probably be burnt for a long time over the festive period. Its the amazing Orange Grove candle from The White Company; its a pretty big candle and smells SO nice.. very orangey! I just love orangey smells, especially around Christmas; with this candle it has orange and leave pieces melted into the bottom, which looks even more decorative - its sitting proud in the middle of our mantel piece!
Others I've picked up recently, are the two from Boots; the Golden Christmas Tree and the White Candle (similar; here) with a decorative mini golden Christmas tree lid. These were incredibly cheap, with the white candle smelling so fresh; hints of jasmine I'd say.. one of those smells you go 'www that's NICE' Finally, are some very very cheap candles that have been dotted around; a red Waitrose candle; no smell but adds some decoration to the living room and a Cinnamon smelling candle from Lidl.. On the whole, candles add such a cosy feel, something I crave at Christmas; plus the fact the room smell incredible afterwards; can you tell this girl over here is a liiitle bit of a candle-obsessive.. how did you know?!

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