The Christmas Party Dress 2015

[Dress; Zara | Coat: Zara (similar) | Heels; Next (similar) ]
On Monday I will going to my first ever Christmas party. Well, my first ever WORK Christmas party - the adult life is well and truly started! So being a typical girl, I thought I do a 'trial run' of sorts of what I'll be wearing.. and da-ta!
Because our Christmas party isn't anything too fancy, I felt a nice yet casual dress would be appropriate. For me, this Zara dress isn't too dressy but still is nice enough to look like I have actually made an effort! I decided I'm going to wear heels, but not too high ones - these suede grey ones pictured (my mums haha!) have a chunky 2" heel, so walking around all day/night shouldn't result in blisters and sore feet come morning!
As its Christmas and it is a party after all, what better excuse then to bring out the fur coat..! This Zara number is from around a year ago and is honestly the warmest coat I own, seriously now!!
My logic is that, yes its Mid-December and I am going to be wearing a dress, no tights and heels. But, I'm going to be inside the majority of the night, but If I am cold I have the fur coat to wrap up in.. makes sense?!

Anyway, hopefully I will have a nice time, I actually really like the people I work with so it should be a funny night, cross fingers!!