Blog Eighteen in Twenty Sixteen

~ Blog Eighteen in Twenty Sixteen ~
So, here I am. Coffee in hand, ready to type my end-of-year review of 2016 - in total SHOCK that the year is over. In all honesty, I wouldn't say this has been my best year ever, with a mix of being in a shit job and all these celebrities (well I'd say legends) dying - it hasn't been the best. What does make me laugh though are all these quotes on social media that are appearing, like 'You think 2016 was the worst year, I imagine 1939-1945 was a little worse to be honest' HAHA.
So leaving all my negativity for the year to one side - let's focus on the positives. I have actually managed a great deal of goodness this year, which can be easy to forget - so let's recap shall we..

And That's A Wrap From Me! | BLOGMAS DAY 23

~ .. And That's A Wrap From Me!
Yayyyy I did it! I've completed Blogmas without a hitch; *smiles all round* - I mentioned briefly in yesterdays post how I've felt about the little challenged, so I won't bore you with all that again. But, just know, I'm extremely pleased with myself! It has been quite difficult, so now it's finish, I could not be more happy with myself. As today is officially Christmas Eve Eve, I've decided today would be a good day to finish Blogmas. This being so I could fully switch off for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As this Blogmas series (if you can officially call this a series?) has been quite a big factor in my life this month, It only felt right that I officially tie everything together and give it an officially conclusion.
So without further ado, here's an end in the exciting chapter on Blog Eighteen; thank you to everyone that has read any, I have to say its ben a whole lotta fun! Merry Christmas Everyone & A Happy Happy New Year.

See you sometime before the end of the year - lots of love!


Let's Have A Little Chat | BLOGMAS DAY 22

~ Let's Have A Little Chat.. ~ 

As we are nearing the end of this epic Blogmas journey, I thought it was about time now that I did a little re-cap post. Just a general, word-vomit-moider about how this month has gone and the Christmas plans that are almost upon us. I have to say, although I must have typed my disbelief many times by now, I'm so so shock I've managed to solidly produce a blog post for 21 days - that's something I've never managed before. It really puts in to perspective how far I can push myself as some weeks during this year, I have struggled to get 3 posts out a week - haha I can 100% put that down to laziness now can't I! Oh well, Its been a struggle sometimes but hey ho, I've proven to myself, amidst working full time and trying to have some kind of social life; blogging daily is possible.. *pats self on back*

Mrs Santa Claus | BLOGMAS DAY 21

~ Mrs Santa Claus ~

So here we are, what is most probably the last outfit post of Blogmas 2016.. can I just ask: how the hell has this gone so fast, time really does fly doesn't it?! Anyway, for this post lets rewind back to Saturday (well, I also got wear out of this entire outfit Sunday too haha!), I went out for a Christmassy day with friends and family (post here) and thought I would bring out my Mrs Claus style dress once more. You have to admit with this dress, it really screams Christmas, I'm not sure if its the pattern, the colours or the style.. it just has that festive vibe. In fact, this was last years Christmas day dress, but as with everything - clothes lose value in the wardrobe so this dress as been demoted down to a casual everyday dress..!

The Christmas Party Dress 2016 | BLOGMAS DAY 20

~ The Christmas Party Dress 2016 ~
 Ah finally, an occasion to dress up all fancy - doesn't come around as often I wished to be honest! Well, my wish has been granted because come 2pm tomorrow, I shall be donning my finest dress (well this uh-mazing ASOS number), putting on my beautiful velvet heels and waltzing into my office Christmas Party.. Well, we're going to a really nice pub for a three course meals and then having lots of drinks until late - ITS STILL ENOUGH OF AN OCCASION TO DRESS UP THOUGHIts true though, getting all dressed up and actually having an event doesn't happen too often really does it, if I had an excuse to wear a dress and heels every weekend, I so would take up the offer and be all fabulous. But there we go, eh can't have everything...

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas | BLOGMAS DAY 19

~ Its Beginning To Look  A Lot Like Christmas ~

As I did last week, when I went on a little Christmassy outing to a nearby town for lunch, I thought I'd share some snaps from this weekends offerings. I had one great great day Saturday, one that I'd actually been looking forward to aaaall week. To start off, I had the luxury of being able to have a well overdue catch-up with one of my bestest and oldest friends. She's was home for Christmas for university, so we planned a morning of brunch, talking, talking and more talking.. it really was SO nice to see her again!

Round-up #3 | BLOGMAS DAY 18


Astonishingly, this is the THIRD week I have completed Blogmas... THE THIRD WEEK?! I'm so amazed how I've managed this, like seriously how? Anyway, yet again I've managed to squeeze in 6 blog posts, ranging from beauty to fashion to Christmas drinks.. its been another great week; let's recap properly shall we!
I started the week with what probably is my favourite post, in 'Fizz or No Fizz?' I shared two drinks recipes I'd found on the 'net and produced the best photos ever (possibly) on my blog - it's OK to be proud of your self sometimes isn't it?! I followed this with a little makeup look I always seem to turn to in these festive months. In 'A Festive Makeup Look' I channelled the gold-eye-berry-red-lip look and ~hoped~ I managed to pull it off!
The next few days consisted of an outfit post and a Christmassy edition of what I wear on my nails and lips. In 'Oh How Preppy...' I put together an outfit of orange and grey.. with me hoping the jumper didn't clash with my hair! Next, in 'Festive Edition: On The Lips & Nails' I showed you what I've been baring on the lips and nails, with a dark berry purple lip and mauve/ glitter nails.
To conclude this week, I spoke briefly in 'Christmas Jumper Day' about the fact.. well it was Christmas jumper day and showed some of my favourite jumper picks. Yesterdays post was a small 'Christmassy Instagram Update' were I showed what I've snapped in the past weeks, with a mix of these very Blogmas photos to little snippets in between..

So there we go, an end to another successful week.. I know I said it a second ago but I'm seriously so surprised I've managed to keep Blogmas up.. now let's get this final week completed and then I can give myself a pat on the back (and a MASSIVE glass of rosé, of course)

Christmassy Instagram Update | BLOGMAS DAY 17

~ A Christmassy Instagram Update ~
Well well well, its been a long ol' while since I've done one of these Instagram update sorts. Instagram seems to be going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment, with its not-quite-as-good-as-snapchat 'stories' and the whole unfollow/follow malarkey seeming to be plaguing the whole app... I still love Insta but its seeming to be become less popular by the week..
Anyway, here's my latest offering; a mix of my Blogmas efforts and some Christmassy decorations - its all very cliché, but is it really such a crime? Here's some captions to illustrate my grid..

First Row | 'Festive Edition: On The Lips & Nails | 'Oh How Preppy..' | 'A Festive Makeup Look'

Second Row | 'Fizz or No Fizz?' | 'Happy Mind Happy Life' | 'Oh Christmas Tree..'

Third | STYLE: The Coat Collection' | 'Snippets of My Day' | 'The Christmas Tag'

And that is it, my username's @LisaEighteen - leave your @'s if you like and I'll be sure to follow back!


Christmas Jumper Day | BLOGMAS DAY 16

~ Christmas Jumper Day 2016 ~
Hello, ello ello everyone, I'm back yet again with another post for you, albeit a rather short one today as I just wanted to share the fact its Christmas jumper day today and ~of course~ I've dug out my beloved jumper out and worn it for work today! To be honest I don't think there is a nice Christmas jumper on the market, no matter what colour or pattern, they all just have that slight feel of tacky.. well i'd call it festive but whatever!

Festive Edition: On The Lips & Nails | BLOGMAS DAY 15

~ Festive Edition: On The Lips & Nails ~

Aaaah lipstick and nail varnish; the two things you'll never see me without. Yes, I can go 2 weeks with not a scrap of foundation, in my day-to-day life I barely bother with mascara (because why would you when you could have 10 minutes more in bed every morning?!), plus the whole filling in my eyebrows - mine are sparse enough so I leave that for weekend occasions only! BUT, when it comes to lipstick, you're more likely to see a pig fly (or Britain re-joining the EU.. LOL) than me stepping outside my front door without lipstick on. Nail varnish the same, I can never go a day or two without looking at my bare nails and just thinking.. ew. So, in keeping with this, I thought I'd show you what I've been wearing near enough everyday this month - an obvious dark berry/ purple lips..because what's more festive then that! and a combination of mauve and a glitter top coat.. you can't have too much glitter at Christmas time, can you?!

Oh How Preppy.. | BLOGMAS DAY 14

[Jumper: Matalan | Shorts: Zara | Tights John Lewis | Shoes: ASOS]
~ Oh How Preppy .. ~

So as I mentioned yesterday, my hair colour seems to jumping from one colour to the other.. today we are back to the present day.. pink! Over the weekend I dressed in, what I call 'comfy but made an effort' I've found recently, with my hair being the colour it is (which, tbh I'm not sure what you'd call it!) I have to make sure I dress around it. When I popped into Matalan last week and found this uh-mazing burnt orange jumper, it wasn't until I got home I thought to myself 'wait, will it clash with my hair?!' Thankfully, all my worries were cast aside because it looked fiiiiiine, thank god!  

A Festive Makeup Look | BLOGMAS DAY 13

~ A Festive Makeup Look ~

Before I start I do apologies for the jump that seems to be happening in these blog posts recently. A bit of a continuity problem suggests my hair colour is changing dramatically from day to day.. truth is I have tried to be incredibly organised in order to complete Blogmas, so I took these photos a fair few weeks ago.. before I dyed my hair the pinky colour it is now; forgive me!
Nevertheless, today I thought I would show you a little festive makeup look.. one I do tend to turn to in the Christmassy months. Yes, it is a bit simplistic and every common this time of year; but gold eyes and a red lip - what more do you need.. As I'm not ~thee~ best at makeup, I'll briefly talk you through what I do to achieve this 'look' ..

Fizz or No Fizz? | BLOGMAS DAY 12

~ Fizz or No Fizz? ~

You know what I've discovered lately, I really love taking photos of drinks.. may sound weird, but this is my third (fourth?) post of this type and I love it.. (there's my 2017 resolution, do more posts like this!) ANYWAY, for todays post I thought I'd show you two extremely easy recipes for some festive tipples.. one alcoholic and one not. I've adapted them from the BBC Good Food website and removed/ added flavours I prefer most. They both are very similar, with one having a little more ingredients than the other, but all together there is nothing too complicated and really are great drinks for the Christmas period.. cheeeeeers!

Round-Up 2 | BLOGMAS DAY 11


So here we are, the end of another week of Blogmas - WHAT? Seriously, its actually quiet scary how quickly Christmas is creeping up, I haven't bought all my presents yet, better get on that quickly! With this being day 11, that makes it almost half way through - I'm honestly so happy how I've actually managed to so this daily blogging thaaang - when I put my mind to something, I always have a tendency to follow it through, so this is definitely something to smile about!
Anyway, like I did last Sunday, I'm just going to do a little round-up of everything I've blogged about this week, which has included, 1 outfit post, 1 book review, 2 trips out, a tag post and a lil' coat collection... who knew I had so much to say, eh?!

At the beginning of the week, I shared some rather festive snaps in 'A Christmas Carol', when I went to a Carol service I attended the Saturday before. I followed with a very cosy outfit post; 'Wrapping Up Warm'. I dug out an old gem of a coat and channelled all the jack frost vibes - even if my choice of footwear wasn't the most sensible! In the middle of the week I did a little tag post, one I ~technically~ wasn't tagged in, but gave it my best shot! In 'The Christmas Tag' I answered all the festive questions and stated the obvious with a few (because of course Elf is my fav Christmas film)

The next few posts have consisted of some 'Snippets of  My Day' from a lovely day out with my Mum and Nain (grandma), a fashion post where I show you my favourite coats for winter in 'STYLE: The Coat Collection' and I've finished the week with a round up of my favourite books this year in 'The Book List 2016' - even if I did mistakenly talk about a book I read last year haha!
Anyway, here's to another week of Blogmas.. I seem to be getting the hand of this daily blogging  thing, let's pray I can complete another week. yes?!


The Book List 2016 | BLOGMAS DAY 10

~The Book List 2016 ~

Wow, this year I hadn't realised how many books I'd managed to get through; 7 is pretty good for me to be perfectly honest. I'm not the quickest of readers and tend to go through fazes of reading every night before bed, then not touch a book for about 3 weeks.. but despite this I worked my way through enough to create a 'Book List of 2016' -YAY! At a quick glimpse, you can tell my taste in books steers towards the rom-com, light reading.. I never like the heavy stuff! Anyway, here's this years crop of books I've work through when I've been on a sunny beach, when I've been tucked up in bed and even when I've just had a lazy Sunday sitting in my conservatory..

STYLE: The Coat Collection | BLOGMAS DAY 9

~ STYLE: The Coat Collection ~

Now using the word collection is to show every single pieces of clothing of that type. That is something I'm not going to do today, but rather show you five coats I seem to always reach for over the winter period. I'll admit, I haven't bought a brand new one for this winter - so I will ~attempt~ to link any similar coats/ similar styles. These five are a mix of warm and cosy, bold and bright, as well as one you can see a mile off.. they're always the best ones aren't they. Anyway, if you like a little glimpse into my coats of choice, keep reading.. even if you have seen these coats on more than one occasion on this little blog..

Snippets of My Day | BLOGMAS DAY 8

~ Snippets.. ~

Today I thought I'd show you some snippets of my day, well not today but Monday. Me, my mum and grandma took a little trip to a little place about 20 minutes from where I live - Conwy. Its a cute like town full of little cobbled streets and independent shops/ cafes = basically my idea of heaven HAHA... you think I'm joking (I'm secretly 20 going on 80!) Anyway, I booked the day off work, so I could enjoy a well deserved day off. To be honest, it was just what I needed as I got a lie-in, got to watch Holly & Phil on This Morning, had amazing lunch and (as cliché as it sounds) some quality time with my mum and grandma.. For the first time in a long time I had that feel of pure content, it was a lovely feeling indeed...

The Christmas Tag | BLOGMAS DAY 7

~ The Christmas Tag ~
Back in November when I began thinking up ideas for this Blogmas thing, on more than one occasion I became a bit stuck with ideas. Because, if you hadn't noticed, I'm a bit of an in between blogger. I'm not necessary all about the Beauty (well, rarely about the beauty tbh!), I don't post about Fashion/ Outfit aaaaall the time and well Lifestyle cames in an out.. I generally blog about whatever's relevant in my life at that point. So, I began reading up previous Blogmas pieces by some serious KICKASS bloggers.. I came across Milk Bubble Tea's blog who most people know about - because let's face it, she's awesome. So, I took her questions from 2014 and decided I'll put my spin on things..

Wrapping Up Warm | BLOGMAS DAY 6

[Coat: Next (similar) | Scarf: Next (similar) | Top: Zara | Trousers: Alexa Chung for M&S |
Shoes: M&S | Bag: Zara (similar)]

 ~ Wrapping up Warm ~
As the temperature plummets by the day (what's this of a big freeze coming up?!) its important to wrap up warm kids... She's says as she shows you an outfit wearing teeny-weeny dolly shoes, god one Lisa. Anyway, despite my choice of footwear that day, I quite liked my outfit so why not show you all.. that's what this whole blogging/ blogmas thing is all about isn't it? I have to be honest before I go any further. I hadn't notice the MASSIVE stain I had on the front of this coat before I took the photos. It wasn't until I started editing them that I realised how messy I really am. oops.

A Christmas Carol | BLOGMAS DAY 5

~ A Christmas Carol ~

Let me ask you a simple question; what is thee most Christmassy activity to do.. Christmas carols in a church..? Yes, that's my idea of a great festive evening haha - I know I know mental aren't it?!?
Anyway, on Saturday I went along to a church not too far away from where I live with a friend from work and we had a lovely carol evening in aid of the Alzheimer's Society. A choir sang a whole host of Christmassy songs and there were a few readings by people who work for the charity as well as a sufferer doing a reading of a Christmas poem... Being the ever soppy person I am, I couldn't help but have a little tear in my eye! As Christmas is around the corner I'm all for Christmas carol services every weekend.. there's nothing better!


Week 1 Round-up | BLOGMAS DAY 4

 SO YAY, I completed my first week of Blogmas! Ok, yes it may have only been 4 days but its a positive start haha. This may be a very short Round-up as really, there's only really been two proper blog posts - The first blog posts being aaaall about my pick of 'Candles for Christmas', I actually got a few tweets on twitter saying that they didn't need anymore temptation to buy more candles which made me laugh haha, glad to know there are likeminded people out there like me who cannot resist a good candle at Christmas time!
My post yesterday was all about my newest outfit in the wardrobe and the minor detail of a hair colour change. In 'Oh Yeah, About My Hair' I finally showed off my new reddish colour, I'll admit it has faded drastically from when I first dyed it a few weeks back, but I'm kinda liking it!

Anyway, for the first time since I properly starting blogging, I've managed to get 4 posts in a row up - pretty happy with myself to be honest. The real test will be this week.. place your bets now, will I go the whole hog and complete a whole 7 days worth of post? Find out next time on Blog Eighteen.. (the temptation to sign off with 'You know you love me, xoxo Gossip Girl - is too much right now HAHA)


Oh Yeah, About My Hair.. | BLOGMAS DAY 3

 [Dress: Zara | Coat: Marks & Spencer (similar) | Tights: John Lewis | Boots: Monsoon (similar)

~ Oh Yeah, About My Hair.. ~

Hello, everyone; its Day 3! As I shot these outfit photos last week it downed on me, I've had my hair this reddy/ pink colour for about three weeks now AND I HAVEN'T BLOGGED ABOUT IT. Oh how dare I?! In all seriousness though, I originally dyed it a couple of weeks ago expecting a dark red colour, which it was, but then three hair washes later, bam its this weird pinkish colour.. oh well I actually kinda like it, its different for me and kind of festive, so I'm keeping it until at least the New Year! - Besides, its pretty god job I like my hair because my mum said to me the other night that it 'looked like a hippies or something..' - Its a good job I'm not self-conscious about it HAHA (thanx mum, love ya oxo hahaha)

The Candles for Christmas | BLOGMAS DAY 2

~ The Candles for Christmas ~
I'm a candle girl, I love candles ANY time of the year; whether that be them burning bright on a summers evening or burning ten thousand on a cold winters night.. in my house there's always a candle burning! As we are now on Day 2 of Blogmas (its going well so far haha) I thought I would show you my three candle picks for if you want a Splurge in Space NK, a deluxe but won't break the bank treat or a cheap spend.. These three candles are the ones (I think) you should take note of. I will tell you now I'm not thee best at describing smells.. but really, who is?! I'll give it my best shot..!


~ DAY 1 ~

So here goes, I've decided this year I'll attempt the impossible.. BLOGMAS. It should be fine shouldn't it, since December is always a busy month, oh and I'll be work full time.. Yeeeeeeah why the hell not!
Over the next 25 days, I'll hope to bring you all kinds of Christmassy goodness, I'll admit I am a bit worried I won't be able to do the whole 25 days, but yano I'll give it bloody good shot and if not then I tried didn't I haha! Anyway, yay its the 1st of December and without sound too middle-aged I cannot believe the Christmas season is upon us!
So yes, Merry Christmas Everyone; Let's all cheers to you all whether you're attempting Blogmas or not (or even just reading) Raise your champagne flutes - CHRISTMAS IS HERE!


A Day of Bliss @ Silver Bay, Rhoscolyn

~.. Spa Days Are Great Aren't They?! ~
When you describe bliss, what do you think about? Drinking cocktails on a sandy beach in the Bahamas... Curling up on the sofa in your pyjamas with a hot chocolate.. WELL what about a Friday off work at a beautiful Christmas Spa Event with your Best Friend?! ... YES, last Friday I was so SO kindly asked along to Silver Bay, a Holiday Village and Spa right here on Anglesey. With it being only a short 30 minute drive away and with me gloriously having the Friday off I couldn't really say no to Spa Beauty Event right on my door step, could I...?!!!

Its Getting COLD Out There.

[Coat: Marks and Spencer | Scarf: Burberry | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: ASOS]
~Its Getting COLD Out There.. ~
... Not to be that person, but f**k it really has got cold out there - autumn why you disappear so quickly?! In true spirit of winter I bought a new coat, some say its practical, some say its just another excuse for me to spend my money on yet more clothes (the former being my excuse, the latter my mums; we'll agree to disagree on that one!) Anyway, as it truly is *what feels like* minus 50 outside this beautiful red coat has truly had its wear already. Its a Marks and Spencer number but not from the shop itself, but from a second-hand shop. Its a shop that's down the road from my work and every evening last week I was eyeing up this red coat in the shop window, safe to say I soon could not wait in fear the coat would be sold.. I'm now its proud owner and could not be happier.. I feel like a mix of little red riding hood and Mrs Clause, which at this time of year is not a bad things at all!

Lisa Attempts.. A Rhubarb Buckle

~ Attempting to bake a Rhubarb Buckle ~
 I'll 100% admit I'm no Nigella in the kitchen (to be honest I'm barely GCSE standard but I'm working on it!) Baking or even cooking has never been a strong point of mine, but every now and again I fancy actually making something. So, low and behold, I attempted this whole 'baking a cake' malarkey AND IT DIDN'T GO TOO WRONG EITHER! I attempted a 'Rhubarb Buckle', following a step-by-step recipe from the BBC Good Food website and (if you scroll down to the bottom of this post) you can see that it may have turned out to look like the most disgusting cake ever made - but it really tasted quite nice.. don't judge a book as they say... 

Planning for the Party Season..

[Top: Zara (similar) | Trousers: Marks & Spencer | Shoes: Valentino | Bag: Olive]
~ Planning for the Party Season.. ~
Without jumping on the seasonal bandwagon, it can't be denied - party season is just around the corner. As mentioned in my previous post, I'm planning on a putting on my fanciest dress for *my* Christmas party this year, but I'm sure in the coming weeks some kind of event will crop up were I need to dress up a ~little~ fancier than the typical casuals I usually sport in winter! (if not I'll make my friend come out for food with me hahaha) Anyway, in an attempt to try organise my life a little I put an outfit together which, I'll admit, had no significance on a quiet Sunday afternoon when I took these photos, but I know can be added to the list of 'potential outfits for an evening when I have nothing to wear' .. surely I'm not the only girl to own this kinda list no, surely?!!? 

Yes To The (Red) Dress Wish List

[Top Left : ASOS | Top Right: Topshop | Bottom Left: Self Portrait | Bottom Right: Zara]
Since its the turn of the month and now the official countdown to Christmas, WHY NOT DO A CHRISTMAS PARTY DRESS WISH LIST.. Ok ok I have to admit I'm not the type to get too excited for Christmas this early on, but I am the kind that likes to plan ahead. So let's discuss some pretty dresses shall we?! This year my work party is going to be on the 21st of Dec and since it's been confirm and booked now, I've been doing the odd bit of scrolling to find thee dress for this year. I've decided that it has to be either red or a deep red colour, I've completely fallen for the colour this season, so its definitely a must. I've found for dresses I'm debating, one of which is way too expensive, but yano we can all dream can't we?!..

Taking Time Out

~Taking Time Out... ~
 We all have those moments in life were everything becomes a little overwhelming, were your brain feels like its forever buzzing and you just want 5 minutes to just sit down and relax a little. I'm one of those people who struggles to find an in-between, when my life is hectic I crave for a day of full of relaxation.. but when my life is less then rock'n'roll all I want it some excitement - this whole 'adult life' thing is a work in progress at the moment! - But anyway, lets talk about those times when you do gladly get that day in the house to unwind, how to make the most of chilling out and even what I do when my head is buzzing with a million and one things to.. here's my little tricks.

A Gratitude List for October

~ A Gratitude List for October ~
I've seen quite a few of these lists lately, explain everything you've been grateful for from the past week/ month/ year and quite frankly I love them. They make you feel warm inside and make you realise life isn't all that shit... even if it does feel like it sometimes. I thought, since my life has been a bit hectic lately I though it'd be worthwhile to write down everything I am grateful for in a little list.. so here goes..

Baby, You're So Classic

[Top: Hobbs | Skirt: Boohoo (v old) | Tights: Next | Shoes: Asos | Scarf: Hobbs]

~ Baby You're So Classic ~
So here's a little outfit post, it seems a while since one of these has popped up on Blog Eighteen.. its only probably been over a week haha, well I'm back with another. This is a mix of the old and the new; the scarf and top being very new, with the shoes making an appearance last time out and the skirt being an very old gem in my wardrobe. The main items to show you all this week is the scarf and top, they are the result of having no control in Hobbs whilst in Harrogate last week! Scarfs are essential for wintery Britain so that'll get it uses and well, a burgundy top?! - IT HAS AUTUMN WRITTEN ALL OVER IT.

Snippets of Last Weekend | Sheffield & Harrogate

 ~ Harrogate & Sheffield ~
So despite it being 1 whole week since these photos were taken I thought I'd share a few snippets from last weekend. Me and my aunite went for few days to Sheffield and then onto Harrogate - in the North of England, so about a three ish hours drive from out little village on Anglesey. It was an absolutely lovely few days with my auntie loving every minute. She 78 and my grandma's sister so having time just me and her was lovely. Whilst there we visited aaaall the shopping, Betty's Tearooms in Harrogate (pictured above) and did some general wandering/ eating too much. Weekends like this really do put a smile on my face!

New on The Shelf..

~ Newbies ~
So, I've been a bit spendy recently. I have to admit, its 100% down to the fact I've been to 3 cities in the last two and a half weeks - a combination of 2 open days and a trip to Harrogate (< post about this coming soon!) have resulted in my bank balance sadly declining... weeeell, these open days only last till like 3pm and when your train doesn't leave for another three hours... shopping has to be done!
I'll mainly put it down to Space NK.. or the fact I was in Covent Garden.. or the fact I was kinda on 'holiday' - OR the truth being I have no control when I go shopping! I live in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere in North Wales, so nice shops to visit are bleak; so when I'm in a big city with amazing shops, little Lisa over here gets a bit hyped up.. its only natural isn't it?! 

My Little Jewellery Box

~ My Little Jewellery Box.. ~
 We all have those pieces of jewellery we treasure, whether this be a pair of earring handed to you by someone special; mum, best friend, family member. We all have those pair of earrings that are just bit of novelty, worn on those casual days, worn on the days not be taken seriously. You may even have just bought a pair and know its love, seen once on the shelf in store and just knew they had to be yours forever.. well this is my story, these are pieces that can be found in my jewellery box, safely stored for those casual or fancy evenings. Earrings are my favourite type, never one for a necklace, but earrings you can be sure I will always done - whatever the type...

Leopards & Pink Flamingos

[Jumper: George of Asda | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: ASOS]
~ Leopards & Pink Flamingos ~
As soon as the clock ticks over and autumn sets in, it takes me all the will in the world not to buy every single knitted jumper on the market.  I obviously have several sitting pretty in my wardrobe already, last years splurge of warm knits could very much have another few wears this time around, but there is just something so special about a new knitted jumper. Wrapping up warm, stretching it so to cover your cold hands, you must all know the picture I'm trying to paint, its really is magical...

This Autumn's Accompaniments

[Trench: Hobbs | Scarf: Burberry | Bag: H & M | Boots: Zara]

~ This Autumn's Accompaniments ~ 

With the official autumn change over now in full swing, all the warm accessories are out. Packed away are the wooden sunglasses and out comes the red check scarf. Gone are all the light jackets and out comes the thick lined coats... OH and aaaaaall the reds and burgundy's.
Last weekends outfit featured my new H&M bag - as seen in my 'Autumn Toned Wish List' (wow, that's two items I've bought off it, this never happens!) The bag is a little smaller from my usually everyday sack that has everything imaginable in it, this will definitely become my new weekend bag, its small enough for the essentials, but wouldn't last for me everyday, I simply throw so much in my bag - this would bust open...!

The Start of One BUSY Month

~The Start of One BUSY Month ~
So as we speak I'm in a state of consent panic, well ok that's being slightly dramatic, but the following month of October is an extremely busy month for me. We're only on the 5th day and I've already been to the University of Manchester Open day, staying overnight, been out for food twice straight from 9am - 5pm days at work and frantically finishing coursework (only to be given a pile more) - This I may point out now, is going to be more of a therapy blog post for me, because in my head I have SO much planned/ to do that I just need to write everything down in hope it soothes me and makes me realise its a good thing I'm busy! 

Three Cosy Night Warmers

~Three Cosy Night Warmers ~
Ah those Autumn nights in, ever night now its seems to be getting darker and darker, earlier and earlier. For me, I think I get more excited every evening, because really is there anything better then cosy nights in, drinking a warm drink?! - To be honest, its here I kind of falter a bit though, because (wait for it..) I don't like hot chocolates O.M.G. I know, I know I do apologies but as I'm one of those strange human beings, so I have to find other ways to satisfy my need for a warm drink... Here I have a little homemade drink that's a taste sensation if I do say so myself and two fruit/herbal teas that really warm you up.. 

What I ♡ This Week

~What I ♡ This Week ~
Ah a little favourites post, I thought I'd share a few bits and bobs I've loved this week - why not, eh?
With it being my birthday last week, I seem to have acuminated a few lovely items, so being the ever over-sharer I am, thought I'd give you look! Here I have some snazzy new nails (and trying acrylics for the first time!), some dainty earrings with a lovely meaning, a candle to remind me how to spell my name and some other little things that have put a smile on my face... September has always been my favourite month..!


Its been officially six days since turning twenty and I'm still in denial I'm that old, like seriously, I'm in my twenties WHAT. I would have gotten this post up a lot sooner but my wifi router at home decided to break and so I've gone nearly a week without Internet (I'm currently in my auntie and uncles house writing this post!) BLOODY BT - for reference we aren't getting it fixed until Monday which is just bloody divine isn't it!!!!! Oh what a first world problem to have hahaha 

Anyway my Birthday...


[Dress: Oasis | Top: Next (similar) | Shoes: Next]
 As previously mentioned in my 'Autumn Toned Wishlist', I've had this suedette pinafore in my mind for a while, just look at it, it just screams autumn. Its definitely the colour.. or the fact it suede.. or maybe the fit; hmm its just the whole dress it think! Talking of suede, as I unpackaged this from the brightly coloured Oasis packaging, my ever practical mother said, not 'oh that's a lovely dress!' but 'www you'll have to remember when you iron it, iron it inside out!' HAHA I never want to be middle aged!

BEAUTY: Nail Colour Collection at Next

Right then, let's talk all things nail polish. I'm one of these girls who cannot go a few days with bare nails without having to paint them. My hands just look so ugly if there isn't some kind of colour on there! So, a few weeks ago when me and my mum took a leisurely stroll around are local Next (fyi, her entire wardrobe comes from there haha!) I noticed their makeup line seems to really be something to look at. I had a look at the lipsticks, swatched the blushers, then finally settling for a pack of four polishes.. each one as beautiful as the next. Not bad really to thing for four is cost me all of ten pounds and to top it off there was a little leaping bunny on the back, yay for cruelty-free!

Groundhog Day

[Dress: Zara | Ribbed Top: New Look (similar) | Tights: Forever 21 | Boots: Next | Bag: Zara]
Aaaah Autumn style; MY FAVOURITE. The tights, the cute dresses and the boots - basically the only thing missing is a huge coat and it'd be perfect.. but yano it's not sub-zero temperatures just yet! Over the weekend I did a very adult thing and took myself shopping - I'm guessing the certificate to declare I'm an official mature/ independent women will be in the post in a few days?!
Anyway, I decided to give last years 'Christmas Party Dress' a more casual outing - does anyone else do that, they buy a dress, wear it a few times for fancy occasions, then its put in the casual pile in your wardrobe.. well that's me!   

The Book List #7

Yay, another book finished - I love this feeling, I've actually achieved something this month already!
Anyway, let me tell you about a little treasure I found at one of the cheapest places to find books; The Works.. you know, the cheap British High street shop you can find anything from paint brushes, to children's toys to wooden easels and lots and lots of books. No matter how often you step inside, they will forever have a three for two offer on books, so when shopping a few months back, it thought I'd buy one or two. This one was among two others were I picked it up quickly, briefly read the back and thought I'd give it ago, besides one of the offers worked out at something like £1.50 a book, so what could go wrong?!

Did Someone Say September?

[Blouse: Matalan | Skirt: Zara (similar) | Tights: John Lewis | Boots: Zara (similar)]
~ Did Someone Say September? ~
YAY ITS OFFICIALLY AUTUMN. I honestly think this is my favourite season, without trying to sound ~too~ common white girl but its just great. The leaves go brown, its officially acceptable to wear boots, scarves and jumpers, plus the weather is never too bad.. its even is sunny for a little time in September. This month is my birthday month, which means come the 18th I'll be in my twenties, now that's a stat I do not like the sound of, oh god I'm getting old! Oh well, to mark this exciting month and season ahead, I thought I'd dress in all the autumnal tones.. it'd be rude not to, wouldn't it!

Needing a Social Media Detox Every Once in a While

~ Needing a Social Media Detox Every Once in a While ~

Its a given, every once and a while its very much needed to take a step back from social media. Not scroll though endless photos of peoples amazing looking lives on Instagram or watch Kylie Jenner's collection of Balmain handbags on Snapchat. Sometimes, Its so much healthier for everyone to remove themselves, put your phone down and look at the world for what it is. I'm victim like many other of spending a little too much time on Social Media.. Twitter and Instagram being my fortress'. Some evenings all I do is continuously scroll through them, tweeting, liking photos etc.etc... having nothing to say I did that evening apart from be on my iPad. Surely that cannot be good can it, although in this day and age I think everyone falls victim for time to time..

In The Hidden Gardens

Stripes & Daisies

[Top: SoulCal | Skirt: Topshop | Shoes: ASOS | Bag: Zara]

YAY, its Bank Holiday weekend, three days out of the office instead of the regular two.. that really is cause for celebration isn't it. The sun is out (yay), I have an extra day for a lie-in (yay) - the only thing that's spoilt it? the fact this skirt is about 4inches too short, why do bad things happen to good people, eh?! The skirt used to be fine (here's the blog post from when I first bought it!) on me but either the fairies have been out in the last year and I've miraculously grown more or my housewife skills aren't up to scratch and I've shrunk it.. Anyway, its safe to say, I was making very sure at the fact it didn't stretch too far up or bend over in any way.. another day, another reason why being tall can be the biggest pain in the arse ever!!!

An Evening at a Summer Wedding..

[Top: Zara | Skirt: Ted Baker | Heels: Next (similar)]
 Aaaah Weddings, who doesn't love lovely summer weddings. All the prosecco, sunshine and beautiful dresses... despite me only attending the evening reception, its always a great feeling to get all dressed up and feel a million dollars, even if only for a few hours. As I had dolled up, I thought what better thing to do then take some photos and blog about it.. would I really be a true blogger if I didn't picture most of my weekend! I'll admit, it absolutely chucked it down on Saturday but luckily stopped raining for enough time for me to take these photos. As you can see the wind was out in full force and despite it playing havoc with my hair, my skirt was blowing about all over the place, which made for some great photos! - I had my very own Marilyn Monroe moment right in my own garden..