Instagram Update #6

Username; Lisaaa1809 x
An Instagram Update is a regular thing on this blog by now, so is there much point of a proper introduction?! - Well, anyway this is my latest snaps from the first few weeks of January!
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First Row; 'this'd be nice right now!' | 'Afternoon Tea' | Sundays 'Afternoon Tea' #ootd
Second Row; Lunch with Mother | TULIPS. | Domino Pizza (*heart eyes)
Third Row; My Lulu Guinness bag being photogenic | TF / Ruby Rush | Wintery Skies

The Lip Product Addict TAG.

 So on this blog of mine, its not often I do a tag post; partially because I've never seen one that interested me (and partially because I haven't been tagged in any haha!) - So when the lovely lovely Caroline over on Iridescent Places tagged me to do the 'The Lips Product Addict' TAG I jumped at the chance to take the challenge... So here's a self-confessed lipstick obsessive's version of the tag (at least I'm honest that I'm obsessed with lipstick haha!)
What is your favourite lip balm/treatment?
To be honest, the only time I use lip balm is after I've had a shower, so at this time I'd say the The Organic Pharmacy -  Antioxidant Lip Balm. Its a strange formula, its kind of like a watery oil, but feels incredibly moisturising, strange but I never fail to use it!
What is your favourite eye-catching red?
As of late, Tom Ford - Ruby Rush. I mentioned it a few posts back and have seriously fallen in love - its matte and is so striking, its just beautiful.. plus the packaging is to die for; need I say more?
Best Luxury & Drugstore Products?
With Luxury, I can't help but say Tom Ford, because honestly its just the ultimate luxury brand isn't it?! I have three of their lipsticks now and I honestly cherish them with all my heart; one in each formula and I can't fault them (I daren't fault them!)
Drugstore, hands down has to be Rimmel Kate Moss.. well, the fact I have eight of them tells the story itself.. they're just fucking amazing (sorry got a bit passionate there HAHA)
Favourite MAC Lipstick?
MAC just doesn't cut it for me, I don't own a lipstick from them - I have a lip liner but I barely use it to be honest! - I don't know, I think a tiny part of me is just put off by the humungous hype surrounding the brand.. just doesn't do it for me atm.
Most Disappointing Product?
I think I'm in denial because I've tried to tell my self its amazing, because its so incredibly beautiful, but the YSL Rouge Volupe Shine. It just doesn't stay on the lips at all and seems too wet a-formula... not good I'm afraid.
Lip Liner - Yes or No?
Yes & No to be honest! - If I'm wearing a red lip and want it to stay on for a long time (i.e in work for hours) then yes, I'll put on the Maybelline Colour Sensational, But most of the time, No, not really. Its never an essential for me even when I do wear a red lip (which is most of the time!!)
Favourite Gloss?
HATE HATE HATE LIP GLOSS! - too stick too pointless.
...Anything Else?
Thought I'd give a shout out to my favourite pink.. NARS Audacious Lipstick - Grace. Its a bright pink, but its not too Barbie like, its such a classic pink and never looks tacky like some fuchsias can be.. plus its matte and is incredibly close in formula to Rimmel Kate Moss (though not as good by a fraction).. I thought this lipstick deserved a shout out!
Right then I am going to tag; the every so amazing human being,  Lily from 'LifeAccordingtoLily' &
lovely Natasha from 'NatashaParisBlog'

Afternoon Tea for Three

 [Jumper: Zara | Dress: Zara | Tights: Next | Boots: Monsoon | Bag: Lulu Guinness]
 Yesterday, me and two women from work (afternoon tea for three.. get my title now, hahaha) went for some afternoon tea, all my own planning as I'm secretly a 19 year old with the brain of someone middle aged! We had tea (well, coffee for me), cake, sandwiches and a great chat, and I genuinely had such a nice afternoon. With me living in Wales, I'm so lucky to have so many great manor houses to visit, with honestly amazing architecture (wow, get me!) and just stunning views... ok yep I really am living in the mind of a 40 year old!.. Well in my world, what's better then having somewhere extremely beautiful to visit, whilst having an excuse to dress up all nice too!

It was such a nice way to spend a Sunday and to be honest if I could go for afternoon tea every Sunday I totally would, oh yes!


On The Lips & Nails | January 2016

[Lipstick; Tom Ford - Ruby Rush | Nail Varnish; Barry M - Eat My Dust]
Do you know something I don't need - another lipstick, Do you know what I bought the other day when I was in Selfridges - another lipstick.. lol.
So, for this post I thought I'd show you what's going to be and basically has been on my lips and nails for January.  By now, it may be obvious I'm massive fan of the bold lip, basically I don't really feel human until I have my lipstick on (true story) So, yano what's wrong with one more lipstick to add my collections, eh?! 
My lipstick of choice for January is Ruby Rush from the Tom Ford Matte Collection, for me matte lipsticks are definitely the best formula, they stay on all day and when your hair is blowing in the wind (in the most unmajestic way haha) it doesn't stick you your lips.. This Lipstick's a bold orangey red, though more red than orange. It just looks amazing on the lips and its fast become my absolute FAV.
On the nails this Jan, Eat My Dust - a little, pastel blue from Barry M has found its way to my heart. The quick dry formula of this polish is honestly so quick to dry (so the label aint lying there..)  It honestly too, makes you hands look really nice, which I know sounds weird, but your eyes are just drawn to the beautiful shade on your nails. LOVE. IT.


Woolly Mammoth Amongst Elephants

[Coat; Next | Roll Neck; Zara | Leggings; Next | Boots; Monsoon]

Ever bought an item of clothing and thought 'Jesus, that's a bit out-there.. I LOVE IT' Well, when I saw this zig-zag/stripped/furry/dark-brown faux fur coat in the Next sale I, well I'd like to say it was love at first sight, well it wasn't until I tried it on I thought YES LISA BUY IT. Like I'll continue to say, it is a bit OTT, but it was half price, its warm and very very daring, but that's why I think I like it so much, because its so different... (I reckon, it was on the sale rail in my exact/very-popular size 10 because its not really a coat everyone would like! - I'm not complaining!)
With me, I tend to always like the different things.. ok I could've worded that a bit better.. I like items that have a quirk lets say. Yes, I do shop for basics, well sometimes haha. But generally, I like things with a like bit of a garish look to them, I have a lots of blouse and skirts with different, bright patterns and I find them a lot more 'fun' to wear. I read a quote lately and its actually become my fav quote ever 'Be a Flamingo Amongst Pigeons'.. well I'm more of a 'Wholly Mammoth Amongst Elephants' in this coat, but after all, there's nothing wrong with wholly mammoths..!

Love For a Brand or Two

Over on this blog, you may have notice a few brands that seem to make more then *one* appearance, ever read more then one of my outfit posts and notice Zara making simultaneous appearances? (lol bit of a Zara fangirl) - Basically, there are a few clothes brands out there that I feel like I only buy from. Well, yano Topshop or H&M do make appearances in my wardrobe, but these brands i'm about to mention make up a huge percentage of my wardrobe (& heart) and I'm never disappointed with what they sell.. 

Lets start with the obvious, Zara - WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED THEY'D MAKE AN APPEARANCE, EH? There aren't many words that haven't been said before, but Zara is heaven and about 70% of my clothes are Zara (quite literally).. So much beautiful.. On the same level, or perhaps just slightly below is Ted Baker. My love for Ted Baker has been a long one and I'm forever lusting after their pretty dresses and actually own quite a few of their skirts - TB definitely knows how to design a good skirt - its basically the heart eyes of all emojis. 

On to a more luxe brand, somewhere I buy from when I've saved, really saved. Lulu Guinness, I have three items from them now and each one is very very well loved (see my last post for evidence!) The fact I'm a girl who is *never* without a bold lip and with the brands trademark being the bold lip, its extremely well suit to me *kiss kiss* Olivia Burton watches are also very high on my list, my light pink, strapped watch has been very well loved (the colours started rubbing off the strap, cry) I got a second watch from them for Christmas and it is the prettiest out there, lovely lovely watches!

Finally is Next, I don't own masses from them, but boy do they do beautiful (and sturdy may I add) shoes. Also, coats - their coats can be to die for. My mum is practically the sole reason Next is still in business to be honest, so by me endlessly raiding her wardrobe, it has been the reason I've grown to love this brand - so classic
and chic!


A Little Skin Carin'

Well well well, its been while since I've done any kind of beauty post on these parts, well lucky you, because here's one right now (what are the chances, eh?) I thought i'd talk through my skin care, well the products that seem to float my boat and tick the boxes. One or two have been mentioned before, but yano that was long enough ago to get away with moidering about them again, yeah? There's only a few products here, because i'm not really one to invest hundreds in every type of toner or go out buying a morning, afternoon, mid-afternoon, evening and night cream.. I generally 
find one that I love, then simultaneously buy it every-single-time it runs low (true 

Talking of a product I've topped up on about 4 times now (possible 5, I've actually lost count lol) is my absolute favourite face cream, the L'occitane Precious Cream. Now, im no pro at knowing exactly what these cream do, but all I know is, it works wonders in balancing my skin, I don't break out and my cheeks feel like baby's back side afterwards (weird description, but you get the gist haha!)  

In terms of any type of nightly routine, my after-work skin routine would mean, taking my makeup off with the Garnier Micellar Water (the combination skin one), it literally is so good in removing makeup and works as a cleanser without needing water, so quick and easy - a much better alternative to face wipes! - after this (a few hours later!) I'd cleanse my skin (well, not every night, but I try I try!!) I'd first Pre-cleanse with the 'Dermalogica Precleanse' - either when I have no makeup on or when I'm full on foundationed up (is foundationed a word hahaha) It literally removes everything and is a really nice oil cleanser. Next is a new cleanser I'm trying - the Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser - So far after a few try's it seem good.. Few more try's before the officially verdict!

Finally, (yes finally, thank god!) is another new Aesop product, the Tea Tree Leaf Exfoliant, a type of power thing that you add to a cleanser, so far it seems to be kind to my skin, but we'll (again) see after a few more try's...

Well if you got this far, Well done.. This really isn't helpful at all but just sometimes i'm in the mood to type hahaha! 


OH! Lulu..

 So, here it is, I finally found it - the most photogenic bag in all the land.. The Lulu Guinness Grainy Medium Daphne (not the catchiest of names out there is it haha), the bag that is FINALLY, finally mine - something I literally haven't stop smiling about for a solid two weeks now (no lie) In my world, buying something with a (rather) large price tag means that Its an investment and its pretty special. As this bag more then edged into the triple figures (lol) I thought it earned the right to have a whole blog post written about it (and be gazed upon at every opportunity), So to anyone who is reading, I'm officially introducing you to my new (and first) 'designer' handbag... I'll give you a few moments to appreciated it.. HAHA! (I'm way to happy and dramatic about this new bag!!)

With designer items, don't get me wrong, I'm not one that spends big figures at every opportunity, I genuinely have goals and save to be able to afford something and still not be on£0.00 on the next bank statement. Some people may find it stupid spending so much on a handbag, but I've genuinely bought happiest right here! At the end of the day, currently I have no overheads, no rent to pay (well I give my mum 'keep' but yano) no mortgage, no nothing serious. So until then, I can kindof be a little 'silly' with my wages.. Well thats my opinion haha. So until the day comes when I have monthly bills, I'll continue to 'treat' myself every once in a while and in the long run have a nice little collection of items that I really don't want to admit how much I paid.. Next on the list Valentino Rockstuds.


An Afternoon in.. Manchester

 Is if there's anything I  love to do (aside from eating, obviously) its visiting cities.. and shopping, again obviously... On Saturday, me and my mum took a trip to Manchester, which all in all takes around an hour and a half's drive. As we were on a coach trip (I know, wild huh?!!)  so we arrived around 11am, then had a few hours to shop/eat/ whatever we wished, before being picked to go to the Theatre. The Bodyguard Musical was the reason for the trip, and with me and mum lovers of both the original film and musicals in general, we were very exited! Beforehand though, as we were in a city with a Selfridges, well can you guess what happened... I don't know what it is but when I see a Tom Ford counter (they're actually very rear in my world) I just melt and have buy something, so the Ruby Rush Matte Lipstick is now sitting pretty on my dressing table! (-also some new Aesop products, come back on Friday for that..)

So, for 2.30pm we went for the matinee performance of The Bodyguard in the Palace Theatre and what can I say, it was absolutely phenomenal (-and I don't call things phenomenal often..) I may have shed a slight tear at the end because it was so good! Honestly, if I were to suggest you go see anything in the Theatre, I really would recommend the this. The stage, the songs, the acting, the drama, everything was superb, a seriously BRILLIANT show!! - and iiiiiiiiiii will always love youuuuu, oooooooh.


Blogs I Love to Read (And You Should Too)


In the world of blogging its quite obvious there are hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of blogs to read, plenty offering reviews, updates, guides.. you name it, there's a blog for it. For me, I love to read blogs, its were inspiration comes from. Literally, when I'm stuck on what to blog about I'll look through blogs and come up with a completely different ideas to what I've actually just read, but it completely helps and gives me so much inspiration!
I've recently started to notice I always seem to turn to these blogs to read, cry over their amazing photography and just generally enjoy the content they've created. Sometimes, when people produce a humongous lists of blogs they read, I think 'well do you genuinely read these, all?' (to be honest, who am I to say, they probably do!) But, here are four blogs I read, every time they pop up with something new. So here are four blogs I genuinely love to read and you should definitely love too.. 
 First off I'll start with 'Life According to Lily' - a Fashion & Beauty blog, with bit of Lifestyle thrown in. I genuinely love reading Lily's blog, she has such amazing photography skills (something I'm very jealous of!) and just the things she blogs about are so interesting. I've spoken to Lily a few times on Twitter and seems such a lovely girl; I'd strongly recommend her blog for amazing quality content!

With NatashaParisBlog the phrase 'feel-good' comes to mind, her Beauty and Lifestyle blog is filled with Reviews, Life Events and Everything in-between. Her haul posts always seem to make me add beauty items to my ever-growing Superdrug/ Boots shopping list, and just generally I love to read every new post! I've spoken to Natasha a few times on Twitter too and she really seems like my kinda girl - a lovely lovely blog to look-up!
 Iridescent Places is a Blog I found through Twitter and instantly I loved the lay-out and style of writing. The Beauty and Lifestyle blog is filled with perfectly photographed photos of beauty items and recipes. I find it so interesting to read, because I feel Caroline always seems to come up with something 'different', which is always going to be enticing. I just think you can't go much wrong with polished white backgrounds, interesting product and witty writing.. this is definitely one to add to your Bloglovin' list!
 When it comes the Beauty Blog 'Mollie Manning', ruin by the lady herself, there isn't a better word other than 'flawless' to describe it. Her Flat-lays and Beauty review are all set up on pristine white backgrounds and the crispest of photos. Not to mention her Instagram - if I were ever to actually use the word 'kickass', that'd be what you'd call that! Seriously a beautiful site for all things beauty!


Still That 70's Swing?

 [Roll Neck, Pinafore & Boots; Zara | Tights; Forever 21 (similar)]
 Yano when you try not to be a Zara whore, but can't help but be a Zara whore.. well this Chapter 81 of my book of entire outfits from the Mother-ship herself. If you haven't noticed by now, I have a thing for skirts, weird patterned skirts to be specific. Well no, not weird - lets just say 'unusual'. This Skirt-with-braces/ pinafore/ whatever-you-wanna-call-it, was picked up a few weeks ago when I took a trip to Chester. Originally, I went in for a look, a browse, but realistically, I can never just 'browse' Zara. I ended up picking this and the roll neck to match - well they were sat pretty next to each other and I didn't really have anything that would have gone with the pinafore.. All together, paired with my tan suede boots that have more than made about 10 appearances on this blog, I created a strong bit for 'most 70's outfit going'
If I'm honest, I find it incredibly difficult to keep up with the Fashion Industry and Fashion Trends in general, so I have to ask myself - 'is 70's still in? what decades trend are we sporting now??' But, whatever the current trend seems to be, I loved this outfit, I'll admit the braces were a little annoying, but are detachable so its two outfits in one really.. All in all, I reckon all is missing is a big floppy hat and some rounded specks and I'd be giving any 70's icon a run for their money..


Looking Towards 2016

Its only dawned on me the last few days that theses kinds of posts are incredibly common, the last week of the year seems to produce a flurry of inspiration and positivity for the year ahead. To be honest its quite inspiring to see how much some can actually achieve in a year, and with 2015 being, really, my first year of properly blogging (well, from May onwards really haha) I'm quite exited for what 2016 may bring.. Well, here's my little 2 pence into goals for the year ahead..
Run More - Saying I want to exercise more as a resolution is thee most cliché one ever, but I do actually enjoy running and with the evening going to be slightly lighter, hopefully I can have a regular running routine - then hopefully I can finally update my 'Run Rabbit Run' posts, its been a while since I wrote anything on running on this blog.. well 2016 is different, ok promise (lol)
Upgrade Camera - In the past few months, if you've followed me on Twitter you may have seen every now and again, I've been moaning about how crap my camera has become. Well, I think this year, I think I really need to stop buying pointless things and save up for a new camera. Nothing big or dslr-y because I'd have NO idea what I'm doing, something like this I have in my head; just something to give me more clarity THAT'S ALL I ASK ha.
Stress Less About My Blog - I know this is inevitable, everyone who has a blog, probably has stressed about it at some point. If a post isn't up on time, if the photo is a little blurry or if the flat-lay just looks shit. Well they're things I always seem to stress about, well this year I'm really going to try and not be so picky. So what if a post is going up on Thursday isn't of Wednesday.. Lisa, does it really matter?
Hair Care - This is a small goal really, but in the last few months I've started to use proper hair salon hair oil and trying to really take care of my hair. So my resolution is to just carry this on and go for regular hair cuts, because it so worth it! (-that's a nice simple resolution!)
Stop Worrying About The Future - This is big one, because I'm that girl who constantly worries that I'm never going to be fully happy and live a boring life. Ok, I know its normal for a 19 year old to not have they're life completely sussed out, but sometimes I just worry about, well life. Basically, I need to start living for now and stop worrying.. life works itself out in the end, so Lisa, just sssh haha!