A Little Skin Carin'

Well well well, its been while since I've done any kind of beauty post on these parts, well lucky you, because here's one right now (what are the chances, eh?) I thought i'd talk through my skin care, well the products that seem to float my boat and tick the boxes. One or two have been mentioned before, but yano that was long enough ago to get away with moidering about them again, yeah? There's only a few products here, because i'm not really one to invest hundreds in every type of toner or go out buying a morning, afternoon, mid-afternoon, evening and night cream.. I generally 
find one that I love, then simultaneously buy it every-single-time it runs low (true 

Talking of a product I've topped up on about 4 times now (possible 5, I've actually lost count lol) is my absolute favourite face cream, the L'occitane Precious Cream. Now, im no pro at knowing exactly what these cream do, but all I know is, it works wonders in balancing my skin, I don't break out and my cheeks feel like baby's back side afterwards (weird description, but you get the gist haha!)  

In terms of any type of nightly routine, my after-work skin routine would mean, taking my makeup off with the Garnier Micellar Water (the combination skin one), it literally is so good in removing makeup and works as a cleanser without needing water, so quick and easy - a much better alternative to face wipes! - after this (a few hours later!) I'd cleanse my skin (well, not every night, but I try I try!!) I'd first Pre-cleanse with the 'Dermalogica Precleanse' - either when I have no makeup on or when I'm full on foundationed up (is foundationed a word hahaha) It literally removes everything and is a really nice oil cleanser. Next is a new cleanser I'm trying - the Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser - So far after a few try's it seem good.. Few more try's before the officially verdict!

Finally, (yes finally, thank god!) is another new Aesop product, the Tea Tree Leaf Exfoliant, a type of power thing that you add to a cleanser, so far it seems to be kind to my skin, but we'll (again) see after a few more try's...

Well if you got this far, Well done.. This really isn't helpful at all but just sometimes i'm in the mood to type hahaha! 



  1. I definitely want skin like a 'baby's back side' haha, so the L'occitane cream is top of my wish list! Thanks for sharing xx