An Afternoon in.. Manchester

 Is if there's anything I  love to do (aside from eating, obviously) its visiting cities.. and shopping, again obviously... On Saturday, me and my mum took a trip to Manchester, which all in all takes around an hour and a half's drive. As we were on a coach trip (I know, wild huh?!!)  so we arrived around 11am, then had a few hours to shop/eat/ whatever we wished, before being picked to go to the Theatre. The Bodyguard Musical was the reason for the trip, and with me and mum lovers of both the original film and musicals in general, we were very excited! Beforehand though, as we were in a city with a Selfridges, well can you guess what happened... I don't know what it is but when I see a Tom Ford counter (they're actually very rear in my world) I just melt and have buy something, so the Ruby Rush Matte Lipstick is now sitting pretty on my dressing table!

So, for 2.30pm we went for the matinee performance of The Bodyguard in the Palace Theatre and what can I say, it was absolutely phenomenal (-and I don't call things phenomenal often..) I may have shed a slight tear at the end because it was so good! Honestly, if I were to suggest you go see anything in the Theatre, I really would recommend the this. The stage, the songs, the acting, the drama, everything was superb, a seriously BRILLIANT show!! - and iiiiiiiiiii will always love youuuuu, oooooooh.


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