Ch-Ch-Checkin' You Out

 [Shirt; River Island | Jeans; Topshop | Boots; Monsoon | Bag; Zara]
So this outfit is a case of 'thanks mum, you really do give amazing Christmas presents..', this being because, well, she gave me this checked shirt as a present this year (captain obvious, Lisa)
Usually, I never like people gifting me actual clothes, not being a Princess or anything, its just I'm really fussy and wouldn't want to waste their money on something I will never wear. So, I'm genuinely surprised at my mums fashion sense - 5 Cool Points to my Mother!

Anyways, this outfit is just a bit of slouchy one altogether, nothing really dressy - just a need-to-pop-out-the-house outfit. Any how, does anyone actually dress up on a Sunday? (yes, I know it's Friday, but this was over the weekend!) I tried the shirt for the first time and thought it would look fine with my Topshop Leigh jeans, which lets face it, I basically live in. Also, low and behold I FINALLY found some basic black boots YAY. Whilst shopping with my mum last week (during my precious 2 week Christmas holiday) we looked in Monsoon and it was as if there were a golden halo surrounding them. They were in my size, they're pointy, they're black (and suede may I add) - basically everything I've been looking for... it only bloody took probably half a year haha!
Aaaanyway, I thought I share this little outfit for you all.. hope you've all had a good week;
Happy Friyay.


  1. Love this bag - Great blog post!

    1. Aw thank you! - Zara bags are a dream, aren't they!! xx