Instagram Update #6

Username; Lisaaa1809 x
An Instagram Update is a regular thing on this blog by now, so is there much point of a proper introduction?! - Well, anyway this is my latest snaps from the first few weeks of January!
If you are an avid user of Instagram like me, then be sure to leave your username below in the comments and I'll definitely follow back, I do love to find new Instagrams to lust over!!
First Row; 'this'd be nice right now!' | 'Afternoon Tea' | Sundays 'Afternoon Tea' #ootd
Second Row; Lunch with Mother | TULIPS. | Domino Pizza (*heart eyes)
Third Row; My Lulu Guinness bag being photogenic | TF / Ruby Rush | Wintery Skies


  1. Oh my gosh how good does your pizza look hahah?! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie