Looking Towards 2016

Its only dawned on me the last few days that theses kinds of posts are incredibly common, the last week of the year seems to produce a flurry of inspiration and positivity for the year ahead. To be honest its quite inspiring to see how much some can actually achieve in a year, and with 2015 being, really, my first year of properly blogging (well, from May onwards really haha) I'm quite exited for what 2016 may bring.. Well, here's my little 2 pence into goals for the year ahead..
Run More - Saying I want to exercise more as a resolution is thee most cliché one ever, but I do actually enjoy running and with the evening going to be slightly lighter, hopefully I can have a regular running routine - then hopefully I can finally update my 'Run Rabbit Run' posts, its been a while since I wrote anything on running on this blog.. well 2016 is different, ok promise (lol)
Upgrade Camera - In the past few months, if you've followed me on Twitter you may have seen every now and again, I've been moaning about how crap my camera has become. Well, I think this year, I think I really need to stop buying pointless things and save up for a new camera. Nothing big or dslr-y because I'd have NO idea what I'm doing, something like this I have in my head; just something to give me more clarity THAT'S ALL I ASK ha.
Stress Less About My Blog - I know this is inevitable, everyone who has a blog, probably has stressed about it at some point. If a post isn't up on time, if the photo is a little blurry or if the flat-lay just looks shit. Well they're things I always seem to stress about, well this year I'm really going to try and not be so picky. So what if a post is going up on Thursday isn't of Wednesday.. Lisa, does it really matter?
Hair Care - This is a small goal really, but in the last few months I've started to use proper hair salon hair oil and trying to really take care of my hair. So my resolution is to just carry this on and go for regular hair cuts, because it so worth it! (-that's a nice simple resolution!)
Stop Worrying About The Future - This is big one, because I'm that girl who constantly worries that I'm never going to be fully happy and live a boring life. Ok, I know its normal for a 19 year old to not have they're life completely sussed out, but sometimes I just worry about, well life. Basically, I need to start living for now and stop worrying.. life works itself out in the end, so Lisa, just sssh haha!


  1. I really want to new camera too and I'm going to try to save the most money I can so that I can a good one myself later in this year! :) Have an amazing 2016
    ! Xx


  2. A new Camera is top of the list, definitely! Have a lovely 2016 too!! xx