Love For a Brand or Two

Over on this blog, you may have notice a few brands that seem to make more then *one* appearance, ever read more then one of my outfit posts and notice Zara making simultaneous appearances? (lol bit of a Zara fangirl) - Basically, there are a few clothes brands out there that I feel like I only buy from. Well, yano Topshop or H&M do make appearances in my wardrobe, but these brands i'm about to mention make up a huge percentage of my wardrobe (& heart) and I'm never disappointed with what they sell.. 

Lets start with the obvious, Zara - WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED THEY'D MAKE AN APPEARANCE, EH? There aren't many words that haven't been said before, but Zara is heaven and about 70% of my clothes are Zara (quite literally).. So much beautiful.. On the same level, or perhaps just slightly below is Ted Baker. My love for Ted Baker has been a long one and I'm forever lusting after their pretty dresses and actually own quite a few of their skirts - TB definitely knows how to design a good skirt - its basically the heart eyes of all emojis. 

On to a more luxe brand, somewhere I buy from when I've saved, really saved. Lulu Guinness, I have three items from them now and each one is very very well loved (see my last post for evidence!) The fact I'm a girl who is *never* without a bold lip and with the brands trademark being the bold lip, its extremely well suit to me *kiss kiss* Olivia Burton watches are also very high on my list, my light pink, strapped watch has been very well loved (the colours started rubbing off the strap, cry) I got a second watch from them for Christmas and it is the prettiest out there, lovely lovely watches!

Finally is Next, I don't own masses from them, but boy do they do beautiful (and sturdy may I add) shoes. Also, coats - their coats can be to die for. My mum is practically the sole reason Next is still in business to be honest, so by me endlessly raiding her wardrobe, it has been the reason I've grown to love this brand - so classic
and chic!


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