OH! Lulu..

 So, here it is, I finally found it - the most photogenic bag in all the land.. The Lulu Guinness Grainy Medium Daphne (not the catchiest of names out there is it haha), the bag that is FINALLY, finally mine - something I literally haven't stop smiling about for a solid two weeks now (no lie) In my world, buying something with a (rather) large price tag means that Its an investment and its pretty special. As this bag more then edged into the triple figures (lol) I thought it earned the right to have a whole blog post written about it (and be gazed upon at every opportunity), So to anyone who is reading, I'm officially introducing you to my new (and first) 'designer' handbag... I'll give you a few moments to appreciated it.. HAHA! (I'm way to happy and dramatic about this new bag!!)

With designer items, don't get me wrong, I'm not one that spends big figures at every opportunity, I genuinely have goals and save to be able to afford something and still not be on£0.00 on the next bank statement. Some people may find it stupid spending so much on a handbag, but I've genuinely bought happiest right here! At the end of the day, currently I have no overheads, no rent to pay (well I give my mum 'keep' but yano) no mortgage, no nothing serious. So until then, I can kindof be a little 'silly' with my wages.. Well thats my opinion haha. So until the day comes when I have monthly bills, I'll continue to 'treat' myself every once in a while and in the long run have a nice little collection of items that I really don't want to admit how much I paid.. Next on the list Valentino Rockstuds.



  1. It's gorgeous! <3 My last big splurge was my MacBook, now I'm saving for some Louboutins haha! But I definitely agree, if it makes you happy, why not have it?! xx

    1. Thank you, its the best thing ive bought (so far haha!) - exactly, we can do what we want with our money, saving for Louboutins is a great choice!! Xx