Still That 70's Swing?

 [Roll Neck, Pinafore & Boots; Zara | Tights; Forever 21 (similar)]
 Yano when you try not to be a Zara whore, but can't help but be a Zara whore.. well this Chapter 81 of my book of entire outfits from the Mother-ship herself. If you haven't noticed by now, I have a thing for skirts, weird patterned skirts to be specific. Well no, not weird - lets just say 'unusual'. This Skirt-with-braces/ pinafore/ whatever-you-wanna-call-it, was picked up a few weeks ago when I took a trip to Chester. Originally, I went in for a look, a browse, but realistically, I can never just 'browse' Zara. I ended up picking this and the roll neck to match - well they were sat pretty next to each other and I didn't really have anything that would have gone with the pinafore.. All together, paired with my tan suede boots that have more than made about 10 appearances on this blog, I created a strong bit for 'most 70's outfit going'
If I'm honest, I find it incredibly difficult to keep up with the Fashion Industry and Fashion Trends in general, so I have to ask myself - 'is 70's still in? what decades trend are we sporting now??' But, whatever the current trend seems to be, I loved this outfit, I'll admit the braces were a little annoying, but are detachable so its two outfits in one really.. All in all, I reckon all is missing is a big floppy hat and some rounded specks and I'd be giving any 70's icon a run for their money..


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