The Lip Product Addict TAG.

 So on this blog of mine, its not often I do a tag post; partially because I've never seen one that interested me (and partially because I haven't been tagged in any haha!) - So when the lovely lovely Caroline over on Iridescent Places tagged me to do the 'The Lips Product Addict' TAG I jumped at the chance to take the challenge... So here's a self-confessed lipstick obsessive's version of the tag (at least I'm honest that I'm obsessed with lipstick haha!)

What is your favourite lip balm/treatment?
To be honest, the only time I use lip balm is after I've had a shower, so at this time I'd say the The Organic Pharmacy -  Antioxidant Lip Balm. Its a strange formula, its kind of like a watery oil, but feels incredibly moisturising, strange but I never fail to use it!

What is your favourite eye-catching red?
As of late, Tom Ford - Ruby Rush. I mentioned it a few posts back and have seriously fallen in love - its matte and is so striking, its just beautiful.. plus the packaging is to die for; need I say more?

Best Luxury & Drugstore Products?
With Luxury, I can't help but say Tom Ford, because honestly its just the ultimate luxury brand isn't it?! I have three of their lipsticks now and I honestly cherish them with all my heart; one in each formula and I can't fault them (I daren't fault them!)
Drugstore, hands down has to be Rimmel Kate Moss.. well, the fact I have eight of them tells the story itself.. they're just fucking amazing (sorry got a bit passionate there HAHA)

Favourite MAC Lipstick?
MAC just doesn't cut it for me, I don't own a lipstick from them - I have a lip liner but I barely use it to be honest! - I don't know, I think a tiny part of me is just put off by the humungous hype surrounding the brand.. just doesn't do it for me atm.

Most Disappointing Product?
I think I'm in denial because I've tried to tell my self its amazing, because its so incredibly beautiful, but the YSL Rouge Volupe Shine. It just doesn't stay on the lips at all and seems too wet a-formula... not good I'm afraid.

Lip Liner - Yes or No?
Yes & No to be honest! - If I'm wearing a red lip and want it to stay on for a long time (i.e in work for hours) then yes, I'll put on the Maybelline Colour Sensational, But most of the time, No, not really. Its never an essential for me even when I do wear a red lip (which is most of the time!!)

Favourite Gloss?
HATE HATE HATE LIP GLOSS! - too stick too pointless.

...Anything Else?
Thought I'd give a shout out to my favourite pink.. NARS Audacious Lipstick - Grace. Its a bright pink, but its not too Barbie like, its such a classic pink and never looks tacky like some fuchsias can be.. plus its matte and is incredibly close in formula to Rimmel Kate Moss (though not as good by a fraction).. I thought this lipstick deserved a shout out!

Right then I am going to tag; the every so amazing human being,  Lily from 'LifeAccordingtoLily' &
lovely Natasha from 'NatashaParisBlog'



  1. Ahh obsessed with this tag! <3 so excited to do it, thanks for tagging me!! (See, this is what we spend our money on instead of going out drinking hahaha) ;)

    1. EXACTLY, why would you wasted your money on alcohol when you can buy beautiful lipsticks like these, eh?! - people are just mad aren't they HAHAHA xx

  2. Also your photography is amazing!! Xx

    1. aw thank you, I try - lots of room for improvement but I'm trying to make photos look less shit everytime hahaha!!! xx

  3. Loved this post! So with you on the Rimmel front - also who needs that stickiness from gloss?! Nat me! I totally get what you mean with Mac, not only was I completely distraught finding out they aren't cruelty free (like yo, this is the 21st century) but yes we do unfortunately give into the hype :/ xx

    1. Rimmel is like the god of all lipsticks to me! - yep gloss is seriously one of the worst inventions EVER!!
      Yep, omg the fact mac test on animals too just makes me so mad -!!!! xx

  4. Love this tag, your photos are lovely! I'm totally with you on lip liner, I rarely wear it and that's when I really need my lipstick to last!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Aw thank you! - Lip Liner is just never a priority, glad someone's with me on that one! xx