Woolly Mammoth Amongst Elephants

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Ever bought an item of clothing and thought 'Jesus, that's a bit out-there.. I LOVE IT' Well, when I saw this zig-zag/stripped/furry/dark-brown faux fur coat in the Next sale I, well I'd like to say it was love at first sight, well it wasn't until I tried it on I thought YES LISA BUY IT. Like I'll continue to say, it is a bit OTT, but it was half price, its warm and very very daring, but that's why I think I like it so much, because its so different... (I reckon, it was on the sale rail in my exact/very-popular size 10 because its not really a coat everyone would like! - I'm not complaining!)
With me, I tend to always like the different things.. ok I could've worded that a bit better.. I like items that have a quirk lets say. Yes, I do shop for basics, well sometimes haha. But generally, I like things with a like bit of a garish look to them, I have a lots of blouse and skirts with different, bright patterns and I find them a lot more 'fun' to wear. I read a quote lately and its actually become my fav quote ever 'Be a Flamingo Amongst Pigeons'.. well I'm more of a 'Wholly Mammoth Amongst Elephants' in this coat, but after all, there's nothing wrong with wholly mammoths..!


  1. This is a gorgeous coat! Those boots are absolutely stunning! I never would have guessed they were Monsoon! xx


    1. I'm glad someone else loves the coat too, I thought it was a bit too OTT hahaha! Monsoon was the last place i'd have thought to look for nice boots too, so was a surprised when I found them in the shop (half price too!) xxx