Another Two Pence into London Fashion Week Part 2.

:: Victoria, Victoria Beckham A/W 2016-17

Hands down if I were to pick any collection from the whole of LFW 2016, it would have to be this. From the colours to the patterns to the.. well everything, its all just insanely beautiful. As Victoria, Victoria Beckham has been know to be the main brands 'little sister', I really feel this to be encaptured with the multitude of bold pastels, the oranges and light turquoises, most evident. A seriously beautiful, thought out collection. 9.5/10

:: Burberry A/W 2016-17
 (Pictured Left)
I couldn't help noticing, with Burberrys offerings this season, it to
be insanely dark. Obviously with the two photos I've shown, there are the incorporations of pastel yellows, but overall, it seems quite a dark theme
throughout, with tailored set of pieces.There seemed to be a heavy influence of olive tones running through the collection and I have to say there were a lot of patterned dresses that were right up my street! 8/10

::Whistles A/W 2016-17
 (Pictured Right)

Whistles's offering for A/W seemed to still have the seventies theme going on. There seemed to be a lot of casual and basic styles, keeping its 'high-end high street' persona. One thing I couldn't help noticing
in its display was the use of zebra print boots, worn several times by the same model.. could zebra print replace the ever popular leopard print next season.. I for one bloody hope so (because is there any cooler print?!)

:: Victoria Beckham A/W 2016-17

 Aaaaaand finally the mother of all shows for me, Victoria Beckham. Her quote for this collection was 'The is really about an evolution of my personal style' Well, she really does have the most incredible personal style, doesn't she?! There seemed to be lots of stripes and a-lines in her pieces, with the dreamiest of coats and dresses, a definite 10/10 from me!


Another Two Pence into London Fashion Week Part 1.

:: Holly Fulton A/W 2016-17 

- So to commemorate the fact the most glamorous show on earth (well certainly the most hyped!) is back, I thought i'd do a little round up of my favourite collections/designer from the week of dreams.

So, here's the first designer I have very little knowledge of - Holly Fulton. I find that this is what's great about fashion week because I'm always endlessly scrolling through Vogues updates of the shows and it always welcomes new names into my life, designers I would never have batted an eyelid to before... This collection seemed to ooze monochrome and bold colours, yes some outfits may not be the most shapely or flattering, but the introduction of dusty pinks really softened the pieces. I personally loved how elegant some pieces were, though to contracted this there was some serious patterns going on.. 8/10 from me...

:: Edda Gimnes A/W 2016-17

Now here's an interesting collection of pieces, each design seems to be made of the original designs, the rough and quick sketches of designers at work.. made into proper designs.. are you catching me drift haha! - I found this obviously the be insanely unwearable but so fun and artistic. Its all about originality and this definitely has originality as well as plenty of personality. Different.. I like it.. 7.5/10.

:: Typical Freaks A/W 2016-17

I may have only been in the minor numbers in the 90's, well '96 was the year I was born, so its safe to say I never really experienced the full 90's fashion. But, to me this collection seems to scream nineties/late eighties; the baggy clothes, the pastels, the colourful/out-there hair styles and colours of the models. There's just something that seems to capture that decade (I might have completely miss judged my eras, but I thinks so ok haha!) 7/10

:: Topshop Unique A/W 2016-17

I couldn't really mention LFW without Topshop could I? (Isn't that rule in the bloggers handbook or something?!!) Obviously, with it being Topshop, its insanely wearable with blacks, khaki and dashes of pink. If I'm honest I'd hands down wear every single piece from this seasons collection as its so feminine and so luxurious at the same time, though with it being Topshop Unique its probably wouldn't break the bank. Well, I certainly have my eye on one or two coats from this collection, that's for sure.. 9/10.



Cruelty-free products, Cruelty-free in general is an area I have very little knowledge of, well did before I started to read into it all a few weeks ago. Its terrible really how much I didn't know about animal testing in general...
The reasons I've planned to write this isn't to be a hypocrite or judge anyone who does buy products that do test on animals. God, a few weeks ago I was oblivious to it all, but I thought I'd write a post on the simple facts I've learnt recently.. the reasons I will now only buy from products with the little leaping bunny logo.
Here's a little fact for you, my favourite animals are Bunny Rabbits (- so it wasn't hard finding relevant props for this post!!) and one night it suddenly clicked, I'm the girl who literally buys anything that has a bunny on it, but will happily buy a Clinique lipstick.. a brand that will put a bunny rabbit through (probably) excruciating pain to see if its ok for humans..
So I started digging and came across an app on the PETA website called 'Bunny Free', there you can type in any makeup brand and it will tell you if its cruelty-free or not.
From this I started to dig through my make up and throw or give away most that aren't cruelty free (e.g. I gave an Estee Lauder foundation to friend in work.. it wasn't my shade anyway, so!)
What I've planned to do it use up my more expensive make up bits and simply never buy from them again, because it wasn't only a month ago I bought the Tom Ford eyeliner.. I ain't throwing £43 down the drain. I've started looking into replacements for brands that test on animals and for example have replaced my Garnier miceller water for Superdrug's 'B' miceller water. Others include replacing my MAC brush cleaner for the Superdrug 'B' one!
Like I said a few paragraphs ago (haha on a bit of rant here aren't I?!) I'm not being all judging for people who do buy products which do test, but I simple saying I'm not anymore. There's so many amazing brand that are cruelty-free: Lush, Charlotte Tilbury, Bare Minerals etc. So I think this small change will actually give me a chance to explore other (and better) brands.. yay for Bunny Free!
Links I've found helpful!:
 ~Some Bunny Loves You ~

Spring Forward

So, its been over the weekend that I've noticed the weather has started to actually put its hat on and small (well I should say tiny) signs of Spring are showing. Officially, I think Spring starts the end of March, which is a about a month away. But, its definitely starting to not be glum, dark and miserable day-in-day-out, as it has been for what feels like the last millennium.
Anyway, in a mini celebration to the weather being actually ok for a change I thought I'd do a little post on things I'm looking forward to when Spring does actually arrive...
PINK: Pink is just thee colour of Spring for me. The light pink skirts, the pastel pink nails, the pink flowers..  it all just screams Spring to me and I bloody love it.
Light Wash Jeans: Throughout the winter I feel like I've lived in black jeans and quite frankly I'm bored of it. Once the sun starts shining a bit, its nice to have a bright outfit, and although its still going to be incredibly cold here in the UK, little wash jeans are just the perfect thing to fit in with this time of year.
Banishing The Boots: Again, I feel like I've lived in boots (how many times have I featured my black Monsoon ones by now?!) I actually can't wait to be able to wear ballerina pumps or any kind of flats and not have to worry about my feet being close to hyperthermia..
Tulips: Tulips are Spring to me, so its safe to say I cannot wait to fill my bedroom, week-in-week-out, with different coloured Tulips OH YES.


Tee & Cake

[Coat: Pull & Bear | Tee: Topshop | Jeans: Forever21 | Shoes; Ted Baker | Sunglasses: Prada]

~ So quick life update everyone, I kind of sort of figured out my new camera, I'M GETTING THERE!

Ever have one of those days were you just come home at the end of it and are the most content/ happy you've been from a long time?! - well that was Saturday for me. I started the day with an hour Facial and oh my GOD, was it good! - If I could start my weekend with a facial (including a shoulder, neck & hand massage may I add) every weekend I totally would.. but yano this was a Christmas present/voucher off my mum!

After that pit stop home (and a brief application of eye makeup & outfit post shooting obvs) I went for a coffee with my friend who I haven't seen for ages. We basically laughed non-stop for three hours, and I obviously had a cinnamon latte! - Just thought I'd add that in the extremely busy multi-story, as I was driving to find a spot, a car drove out and I got a good parking space.. I told you it was a very good day!

Anyway, as it was a very casual day, I dressed extremely casual. Basic jeans, basic tee (though it did have the slogan 'Let's Avocuddle' on it CUTE!) and some jazzy Ted Baker slip ons - yano just because I can never dress too plainly!


Designer Dreaming

 Right right right, before we start, this list is SERIOUS dreaming, like when they say 'in your dreams!' - to actually own all four of these things is literally a dream.. but yano when has it been so wrong to dream, eh?! - I'M ALOUD TO DREAM OK?!!
Anyway, yep I'm a bit of a designer whore and love to endless scour luxury website and dream of one day parading down a LA sidewalk with that Saint Laurent in the crook of my arm, with those Louboutins on and for good measure, a pair of Celine's covering half my face. Yeeeeees, kinda wish I was Victoria Beckham, post-spice girls (well actually during as well)
I thought I'd do a little bit of a wish list for ten-years-time-lisa, so I can look back and see if I, in the end, managed to purchase my dream items, the four below are items I wish I had, right now, and to be honest if I saved hard enough without being totally stupid with my money, would
be able to afford, well at least one... if I just saved harder enough...
:: Valentino Rockstud Ballerina in Poudre (source;

Serious question now, have you ever seen anything so beautiful??! (bar Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds as a couple) - the Valentino Rockstuds are an item that has been on my wish list for what feels like forever and I've never had the courage to 'complete checkout', because being realistic they are quite a high three figure sum. Yes, I'm very careful with my money and save like mad for pieces if I love them very much, I just haven't quite reached that comfort level of funds to actually purchase them yet... BUT, ive told my myself to save like mad till March then actually buy a pair, so watch this space..

:: Burberry Mid-Length Heritage Trench Coat in Honey

I feel this is such a versatile and just classically British pieces, that coast that goes with everything, that coat you base your outfit one, that coat that is just love from the outset... There are four different length, but I feel the mid-length would be just be right, so it wouldn't over power an outfit. Also, it comes in the colour pictured, Honey and the colour Stone too, both are beautiful and to be honest very similar, so either or really for me... ok reality brief check now, its in the four figure sums, damn. 

:: Saint Laurent Classic Small Sac De Jour Bag in Black Leather

Now, THIS IS THE DREAM. I can honestly say, in the distance future if I ever muster the courage to splurge on this absolute beauty of bag, I will happily live my life never asking for anything again. Its such a classic Saint Laurent bag and its beautiful in ever single way. I remember being in Selfridges in early January and I honestly think I just plain stared at it for a solid 10 minutes... wow.

:: Christian Loutboutin Belle Suede 100mm in Black

So, these are a pair of boots I have only just discovered and to be honest would be a realistic purchase I could work towards affording. The red sole is just the most classic shoes design around and would a serious investment. Plus, the black suede would never go out of style, they would be on my feet until the end of time.. I think my heart has a Louboutin shaped hole, that needs filling soon (hopefully) soon!


This Blogging Thing..

This Blogging thing, its something ive really fallen in love with. Blogging is a strange one, because it can literally take over your life, its hard to explain what it to some people (looking at you mum) but to others its a source of serious creativity. Over the past year, I feel I've really been absorbed by it, every weekend I'm planning, scheduling, taking pictures, coming up with ideas; my weekend now revolves around my blog. Its a notion of 'Ok, so if I'm going shopping on Saturday, that means Sunday is my blog day..' - And that 'blog day' is something I literally look forward to the whole week, literally.

I'd consider myself a more creative person than academic, or I love being more creative. Having done A Level Art (and getting B yay!) I've literally had to push my creativity, that's why throughout my A Levels, my blog was near enough non existent - that's why I don't really count 2014 as a year my blog actually existed haha! - But now, now I work in a job that requires you to be academic, I can channel my creativity though this blog - I think that's why its such a source of happiness.

With this blog post, I just felt like I want to write and basically say how much love I have for this little hobby of mine. Without sounding cheese I actually feel I've grown in confidence slightly. With me, I'm a shy person, I have been for as long as I can remember and that's not changed hugely. But, the simple fact that I can now tweet people on Twitter without cringing into a pillow thinking they think I'm weird shows how much I've changed for the better. I've actually gone from praying no one finds my blog to not really giving a shit if they do read it.. not that any of my friends know about this blog but I just prefer not to say anything (plus I reeeally cant be arsed exampling!) - plus a few girls I speak to regularly on Twitter really could become my serious friends for life, doh is blogging just great!

Anyway, this was a bit of long winded one, but like I said I just felt like typing. Where do I want this blog to go.. god knows, will blogging even been a thing still in 2020? - whatever, at the moment I just love taking photos of what I wear and things that interest me, filling my time in between trying to be a mature adult who's getting their life together (ha fucking ha) - high five for blogging, its just bloody great isn't it?!

Run Rabbit Run | Update no.2

 With it being a new year, I feel this is a bit cliché-y to be writing some kind of update about fitness - you know the whole 'new year, new me' thang, soz but that's kinda be at the moment.. lol.
Although ALTHOUGH, I did start this, let's say 'working on my fitness' late last year when I did my first two 'Run Rabbit Run' fitness updates, but then yano Christmas got in the way and well, I swapped Bananas & Running Trainers for After Eights & well, More After Eights..
ANYWAY, I'm now actually back into some kind of routine and actually feeling quite good about myself. To be honest, I've always loved running, but I never really could be bothered in the evenings, haha v true. But, I've had some kind of new lease of life these past weeks, and have managed to run three or four times a week. With my Running, I've been going on the running machine and up to now, I'm at a solid 3 Miles - I'm actually quite happy with this progress because I've signed up for the Race for Life in May, which is 5k/3.1 ish miles, so hopefully by then (if I keep this up!) I'll be fiiiiiine!! (bloody hopeful)
An addition to Running on the running machine, I've been attend circuit training once or twice a week with a women from work. Its only 30 minutes but that 30 minutes is INTENSE! - it feels so good though and its given me a chance to work my whole body, do its win win really!
So, that's my fitness update for now, I actually feel extremely cliché to be writing this early in the year, but oh well, I've got a holiday booked for July so I gotta work on that #beachbod (lol got a bit of second hand embarrassment for hashtagging that then HAHA)

The Art of Overspending

Overspending, something I've most definitely mastered over some time of seriously going to town when on a shopping trip, once I plan a day out, city shopping, I have a list as long as my arm on things to buy - and most of the time I buy them without looking at the price tag (now that's a bad habit, but I do save my pennies before hand,so..)

So anyway, when my Spirit Animal, Lily suggested I do a little haul of my spends, I thought why not? - besides I was running low of post ideas!

First of all, something that isn't pictured is my new camera - I bit the bullet (finally) and bought myself a DSLR, the Nikon D3300. The women in John Lewis, explained that it was a good 'First DSLR' to have so that was snapped up pretty quickly! To be really honest, I'm pretty rubbish with technology, I'd much rather buy a designer bag haha, but I thought with this blogging hobby of mine, a camera would actually be very worth while..! I can't really tell from this if my photos look any clear, but I'm still trying to figure it out, at least I didn't cry trying to figure out the settings, like I thought I would!!

In terms of other shopping, I bought thee cutest t-shirt from Topshop, with an Avocado on it that has 'Let's Avocuddle' across the bottom - LOVE IT! - Me and my cousin also went into the photo booth there and I absolutely love the photo, something so nice to keep (and scrapbook!) I also bought some lovely light wash jeans, in Forever 21 (something I've been actually been hunting down for months!)
In this cute stationary shop, I bought a coaster with a scrabble print on it with an L and some bunny rabbit wrapping paper.. I don't know either, ok yeah I do waste my money sometimes hahaha!
Finally, I bought the most gorgeous backpack from Ted Baker (needed for a trip to Cardiff in March, so this purchase was justified!) and finally, finally the Eye Defining Pen from Tom Ford!
aaaaand that's how I overspent in Liverpool on Saturday!

The Book List #3

So, the first month of January has finished and I've somehow managed to finish my first book of the year.. this is a sure sign this book was a good'un!
The first book to be crossed off the list was a Christmas present from last year; Trusts, Half Truths & Little White Lies from Nick Frost. I originally asked for this but because (weirdly) I'd been watching Saturday Kitchen Live one Saturday (duh) and Nick Frost was actually on it promoting the book (who says TV promo never works?!) Being a huge fan of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Him and Simon Pegg as a duo, I thought this would be right up my street.. so it was top of my list and in the first few days of the new year I began to delve into it.
I'll start with the rating; I'd say a strong 8/10 - small criticisms? Didn't talk enough about his films/ his work in entertainment. But he does say that more on that would come if he ever wrote a second book, so we'll wait and see.. Also, the chapters were huge, well it was broken into 'parts' and the four parts in the book were a good 100 ish pages long, so it did mean you have to remember were you finished, if you wanted to put it down after twenty pages or so, but that's just being picky isn't it!
Anyway, the story itself - I honestly found it so interesting and never knew of the turmoil he'd been through, the ups & downs, his mothers alcoholism and fathers demise.. it was seriously heart-breaking.. He also talks about his time in Israel were he worked in a Kibbutz (a type of holiday camp essentially) as well as his struggles as a Waiter and his own relationship with alcohol. Near, the end he begins to talk about his friendship with Simon Pegg and how he got his first role in TV show 'Spaced' .. It was honestly so eye opening and there was so much I never knew about him, It was an autobiography without the cheesy happy ending or rages to riches theme, it was so real, but his writing was humorous with it.. I'd seriously recommend to anyone (well anyone who's old enough to know about alcohol and ok with the odd f word here and there!)