Another Two Pence into London Fashion Week Part 1.

:: Holly Fulton A/W 2016-17 

- So to commemorate the fact the most glamorous show on earth (well certainly the most hyped!) is back, I thought i'd do a little round up of my favourite collections/designer from the week of dreams.

So, here's the first designer I have very little knowledge of - Holly Fulton. I find that this is what's great about fashion week because I'm always endlessly scrolling through Vogues updates of the shows and it always welcomes new names into my life, designers I would never have batted an eyelid to before... This collection seemed to ooze monochrome and bold colours, yes some outfits may not be the most shapely or flattering, but the introduction of dusty pinks really softened the pieces. I personally loved how elegant some pieces were, though to contracted this there was some serious patterns going on.. 8/10 from me...

:: Edda Gimnes A/W 2016-17

Now here's an interesting collection of pieces, each design seems to be made of the original designs, the rough and quick sketches of designers at work.. made into proper designs.. are you catching me drift haha! - I found this obviously the be insanely unwearable but so fun and artistic. Its all about originality and this definitely has originality as well as plenty of personality. Different.. I like it.. 7.5/10.

:: Typical Freaks A/W 2016-17

I may have only been in the minor numbers in the 90's, well '96 was the year I was born, so its safe to say I never really experienced the full 90's fashion. But, to me this collection seems to scream nineties/late eighties; the baggy clothes, the pastels, the colourful/out-there hair styles and colours of the models. There's just something that seems to capture that decade (I might have completely miss judged my eras, but I thinks so ok haha!) 7/10

:: Topshop Unique A/W 2016-17

I couldn't really mention LFW without Topshop could I? (Isn't that rule in the bloggers handbook or something?!!) Obviously, with it being Topshop, its insanely wearable with blacks, khaki and dashes of pink. If I'm honest I'd hands down wear every single piece from this seasons collection as its so feminine and so luxurious at the same time, though with it being Topshop Unique its probably wouldn't break the bank. Well, I certainly have my eye on one or two coats from this collection, that's for sure.. 9/10.


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