Another Two Pence into London Fashion Week Part 2.

:: Victoria, Victoria Beckham A/W 2016-17

Hands down if I were to pick any collection from the whole of LFW 2016, it would have to be this. From the colours to the patterns to the.. well everything, its all just insanely beautiful. As Victoria, Victoria Beckham has been know to be the main brands 'little sister', I really feel this to be encaptured with the multitude of bold pastels, the oranges and light turquoises, most evident. A seriously beautiful, thought out collection. 9.5/10

:: Burberry A/W 2016-17
 (Pictured Left)
I couldn't help noticing, with Burberrys offerings this season, it to
be insanely dark. Obviously with the two photos I've shown, there are the incorporations of pastel yellows, but overall, it seems quite a dark theme
throughout, with tailored set of pieces.There seemed to be a heavy influence of olive tones running through the collection and I have to say there were a lot of patterned dresses that were right up my street! 8/10

::Whistles A/W 2016-17
 (Pictured Right)

Whistles's offering for A/W seemed to still have the seventies theme going on. There seemed to be a lot of casual and basic styles, keeping its 'high-end high street' persona. One thing I couldn't help noticing
in its display was the use of zebra print boots, worn several times by the same model.. could zebra print replace the ever popular leopard print next season.. I for one bloody hope so (because is there any cooler print?!)

:: Victoria Beckham A/W 2016-17

 Aaaaaand finally the mother of all shows for me, Victoria Beckham. Her quote for this collection was 'The is really about an evolution of my personal style' Well, she really does have the most incredible personal style, doesn't she?! There seemed to be lots of stripes and a-lines in her pieces, with the dreamiest of coats and dresses, a definite 10/10 from me!


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