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Cruelty-free products, Cruelty-free in general is an area I have very little knowledge of, well did before I started to read into it all a few weeks ago. Its terrible really how much I didn't know about animal testing in general...
The reasons I've planned to write this isn't to be a hypocrite or judge anyone who does buy products that do test on animals. God, a few weeks ago I was oblivious to it all, but I thought I'd write a post on the simple facts I've learnt recently.. the reasons I will now only buy from products with the little leaping bunny logo.
Here's a little fact for you, my favourite animals are Bunny Rabbits (- so it wasn't hard finding relevant props for this post!!) and one night it suddenly clicked, I'm the girl who literally buys anything that has a bunny on it, but will happily buy a Clinique lipstick.. a brand that will put a bunny rabbit through (probably) excruciating pain to see if its ok for humans..
So I started digging and came across an app on the PETA website called 'Bunny Free', there you can type in any makeup brand and it will tell you if its cruelty-free or not.
From this I started to dig through my make up and throw or give away most that aren't cruelty free (e.g. I gave an Estee Lauder foundation to friend in work.. it wasn't my shade anyway, so!)
What I've planned to do it use up my more expensive make up bits and simply never buy from them again, because it wasn't only a month ago I bought the Tom Ford eyeliner.. I ain't throwing £43 down the drain. I've started looking into replacements for brands that test on animals and for example have replaced my Garnier miceller water for Superdrug's 'B' miceller water. Others include replacing my MAC brush cleaner for the Superdrug 'B' one!
Like I said a few paragraphs ago (haha on a bit of rant here aren't I?!) I'm not being all judging for people who do buy products which do test, but I simple saying I'm not anymore. There's so many amazing brand that are cruelty-free: Lush, Charlotte Tilbury, Bare Minerals etc. So I think this small change will actually give me a chance to explore other (and better) brands.. yay for Bunny Free!

Links I've found helpful!:
 ~Some Bunny Loves You ~


  1. So true! I try not to buy from brands that test on animals but I don't want to waste the products I already have, ya feel me?! I'm vegetarian as well and literally hate the idea of things being tested on animals xxxx

    1. I'm exactly the same, I'm not wasting my money throwing everything away now, but just not being from the brands that test, the thought of little bunny rabbits suffering is too much to handle :( xxx

  2. This app sounds great I'm going to download it, I have a bunny and would hate the thought of someone testing on her xx


    1. The app is great because I never knew which ones tested and which didn't so its helped me so much! x

  3. I'm actually reading this while my bunny is sitting on my lap - just imagining her being used for product testing really upsets me. I recently did some research on this topic and I'm now trying to stick to products that are cruelty-free. It's great that you're raising awareness! :) xx


    1. Thank you, I think its just so important to spread an important message - because a month ago I had no idea of any of this! xx

  4. Replies
    1. Nor did I until I went onto the PETA website, its just so handy!! xxx