Designer Dreaming

 Right right right, before we start, this list is SERIOUS dreaming, like when they say 'in your dreams!' - to actually own all four of these things is literally a dream.. but yano when has it been so wrong to dream, eh?! - I'M ALOUD TO DREAM OK?!!
Anyway, yep I'm a bit of a designer whore and love to endless scour luxury website and dream of one day parading down a LA sidewalk with that Saint Laurent in the crook of my arm, with those Louboutins on and for good measure, a pair of Celine's covering half my face. Yeeeeees, kinda wish I was Victoria Beckham, post-spice girls (well actually during as well)
I thought I'd do a little bit of a wish list for ten-years-time-lisa, so I can look back and see if I, in the end, managed to purchase my dream items, the four below are items I wish I had, right now, and to be honest if I saved hard enough without being totally stupid with my money, would
be able to afford, well at least one... if I just saved harder enough...
:: Valentino Rockstud Ballerina in Poudre (source;

Serious question now, have you ever seen anything so beautiful??! (bar Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds as a couple) - the Valentino Rockstuds are an item that has been on my wish list for what feels like forever and I've never had the courage to 'complete checkout', because being realistic they are quite a high three figure sum. Yes, I'm very careful with my money and save like mad for pieces if I love them very much, I just haven't quite reached that comfort level of funds to actually purchase them yet... BUT, ive told my myself to save like mad till March then actually buy a pair, so watch this space..

:: Burberry Mid-Length Heritage Trench Coat in Honey

I feel this is such a versatile and just classically British pieces, that coast that goes with everything, that coat you base your outfit one, that coat that is just love from the outset... There are four different length, but I feel the mid-length would be just be right, so it wouldn't over power an outfit. Also, it comes in the colour pictured, Honey and the colour Stone too, both are beautiful and to be honest very similar, so either or really for me... ok reality brief check now, its in the four figure sums, damn. 

:: Saint Laurent Classic Small Sac De Jour Bag in Black Leather

Now, THIS IS THE DREAM. I can honestly say, in the distance future if I ever muster the courage to splurge on this absolute beauty of bag, I will happily live my life never asking for anything again. Its such a classic Saint Laurent bag and its beautiful in ever single way. I remember being in Selfridges in early January and I honestly think I just plain stared at it for a solid 10 minutes... wow.

:: Christian Loutboutin Belle Suede 100mm in Black

So, these are a pair of boots I have only just discovered and to be honest would be a realistic purchase I could work towards affording. The red sole is just the most classic shoes design around and would a serious investment. Plus, the black suede would never go out of style, they would be on my feet until the end of time.. I think my heart has a Louboutin shaped hole, that needs filling soon (hopefully) soon!



  1. Ahhhh so beautiful! I'm really inspired to do a post like this because I spend sooooo much time stalking the Selfridges website! I'm currently saving for a pair of nude Louboutin heels and some Dior sunglasses <3 ahhhh why are all the nice things so expensive?! Xx

    1. Well, I'll be the first to read it if you do a wish list too!! - I literally look on Selfridges/ Harrods you name it everyday and wish I could afford everything, oh well If I save hard enough It'll be fiiiiiiine! Xx