Run Rabbit Run | Update no.2

 With it being a new year, I feel this is a bit cliché-y to be writing some kind of update about fitness - you know the whole 'new year, new me' thang, soz but that's kinda be at the moment.. lol.
Although ALTHOUGH, I did start this, let's say 'working on my fitness' late last year when I did my first two 'Run Rabbit Run' fitness updates, but then yano Christmas got in the way and well, I swapped Bananas & Running Trainers for After Eights & well, More After Eights..
ANYWAY, I'm now actually back into some kind of routine and actually feeling quite good about myself. To be honest, I've always loved running, but I never really could be bothered in the evenings, haha v true. But, I've had some kind of new lease of life these past weeks, and have managed to run three or four times a week. With my Running, I've been going on the running machine and up to now, I'm at a solid 3 Miles - I'm actually quite happy with this progress because I've signed up for the Race for Life in May, which is 5k/3.1 ish miles, so hopefully by then (if I keep this up!) I'll be fiiiiiine!! (bloody hopeful)
An addition to Running on the running machine, I've been attend circuit training once or twice a week with a women from work. Its only 30 minutes but that 30 minutes is INTENSE! - it feels so good though and its given me a chance to work my whole body, do its win win really!
So, that's my fitness update for now, I actually feel extremely cliché to be writing this early in the year, but oh well, I've got a holiday booked for July so I gotta work on that #beachbod (lol got a bit of second hand embarrassment for hashtagging that then HAHA)

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