The Art of Overspending

Overspending, something I've most definitely mastered over some time of seriously going to town when on a shopping trip, once I plan a day out, city shopping, I have a list as long as my arm on things to buy - and most of the time I buy them without looking at the price tag (now that's a bad habit, but I do save my pennies before hand,so..)

So anyway, when my Spirit Animal, Lily suggested I do a little haul of my spends, I thought why not? - besides I was running low of post ideas!

First of all, something that isn't pictured is my new camera - I bit the bullet (finally) and bought myself a DSLR, the Nikon D3300. The women in John Lewis, explained that it was a good 'First DSLR' to have so that was snapped up pretty quickly! To be really honest, I'm pretty rubbish with technology, I'd much rather buy a designer bag haha, but I thought with this blogging hobby of mine, a camera would actually be very worth while..! I can't really tell from this if my photos look any clear, but I'm still trying to figure it out, at least I didn't cry trying to figure out the settings, like I thought I would!!

In terms of other shopping, I bought thee cutest t-shirt from Topshop, with an Avocado on it that has 'Let's Avocuddle' across the bottom - LOVE IT! - Me and my cousin also went into the photo booth there and I absolutely love the photo, something so nice to keep (and scrapbook!) I also bought some lovely light wash jeans, in Forever 21 (something I've been actually been hunting down for months!)
In this cute stationary shop, I bought a coaster with a scrabble print on it with an L and some bunny rabbit wrapping paper.. I don't know either, ok yeah I do waste my money sometimes hahaha!
Finally, I bought the most gorgeous backpack from Ted Baker (needed for a trip to Cardiff in March, so this purchase was justified!) and finally, finally the Eye Defining Pen from Tom Ford!
aaaaand that's how I overspent in Liverpool on Saturday!


  1. Ahhh you bought so much cute stuff! I'm going shopping tomorrow and it's always such a bad idea reading these posts before I go, because I just crave everything! xx

    1. hahahha! - I did majorly dent my bank account but I'm really happy with everything I bought so its all fully justified!! xx

  2. Also your photography is looking amazing!! So jel xx

    1. aw thank you Lily! - I'm trying, my camera confuses me a bit so, the exposure is a bit too bright, but I'm working on it! xx