The Book List #3 | Truths, Half Truths & Little White Lies

So, the first month of January has finished and I've somehow managed to finish my first book of the year.. this is a sure sign this book was a good'un!
The first book to be crossed off the list was a Christmas present from last year; Trusts, Half Truths & Little White Lies from Nick Frost. I originally asked for this but because (weirdly) I'd been watching Saturday Kitchen Live one Saturday (duh) and Nick Frost was actually on it promoting the book (who says TV promo never works?!) Being a huge fan of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Him and Simon Pegg as a duo, I thought this would be right up my street.. so it was top of my list and in the first few days of the new year I began to delve into it.
I'll start with the rating; I'd say a strong 8/10 - small criticisms? Didn't talk enough about his films/ his work in entertainment. But he does say that more on that would come if he ever wrote a second book, so we'll wait and see.. Also, the chapters were huge, well it was broken into 'parts' and the four parts in the book were a good 100 ish pages long, so it did mean you have to remember were you finished, if you wanted to put it down after twenty pages or so, but that's just being picky isn't it!
Anyway, the story itself - I honestly found it so interesting and never knew of the turmoil he'd been through, the ups & downs, his mothers alcoholism and fathers demise.. it was seriously heart-breaking.. He also talks about his time in Israel were he worked in a Kibbutz (a type of holiday camp essentially) as well as his struggles as a Waiter and his own relationship with alcohol. Near, the end he begins to talk about his friendship with Simon Pegg and how he got his first role in TV show 'Spaced' .. It was honestly so eye opening and there was so much I never knew about him, It was an autobiography without the cheesy happy ending or rages to riches theme, it was so real, but his writing was humorous with it.. I'd seriously recommend to anyone (well anyone who's old enough to know about alcohol and ok with the odd f word here and there!)

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