This Blogging Thing..

This Blogging thing, its something ive really fallen in love with. Blogging is a strange one, because it can literally take over your life, its hard to explain what it to some people (looking at you mum) but to others its a source of serious creativity. Over the past year, I feel I've really been absorbed by it, every weekend I'm planning, scheduling, taking pictures, coming up with ideas; my weekend now revolves around my blog. Its a notion of 'Ok, so if I'm going shopping on Saturday, that means Sunday is my blog day..' - And that 'blog day' is something I literally look forward to the whole week, literally.

I'd consider myself a more creative person than academic, or I love being more creative. Having done A Level Art (and getting B yay!) I've literally had to push my creativity, that's why throughout my A Levels, my blog was near enough non existent - that's why I don't really count 2014 as a year my blog actually existed haha! - But now, now I work in a job that requires you to be academic, I can channel my creativity though this blog - I think that's why its such a source of happiness.

With this blog post, I just felt like I want to write and basically say how much love I have for this little hobby of mine. Without sounding cheese I actually feel I've grown in confidence slightly. With me, I'm a shy person, I have been for as long as I can remember and that's not changed hugely. But, the simple fact that I can now tweet people on Twitter without cringing into a pillow thinking they think I'm weird shows how much I've changed for the better. I've actually gone from praying no one finds my blog to not really giving a shit if they do read it.. not that any of my friends know about this blog but I just prefer not to say anything (plus I reeeally cant be arsed exampling!) - plus a few girls I speak to regularly on Twitter really could become my serious friends for life, doh is blogging just great!

Anyway, this was a bit of long winded one, but like I said I just felt like typing. Where do I want this blog to go.. god knows, will blogging even been a thing still in 2020? - whatever, at the moment I just love taking photos of what I wear and things that interest me, filling my time in between trying to be a mature adult who's getting their life together (ha fucking ha) - high five for blogging, its just bloody great isn't it?!


  1. Blogging is awesome and I love this post! I have been blogging 6 long years, and I still love it as much as I did when I first started.... If not - MORE!
    It's nice to see how you've grown and changed from it too. My old posts make me cringe, but it's nice to see the development!

    Cat | What Cat Says

    1. I'm the same, I love it as much as when I first started, even if that was only 2 years ago! - my early post are incredibly cringey too but its all part of the growing/evolving process isn't it!! xx