Out & About by the Beach

Do you ever get that feeling that you take your surroundings for granted, when really beauty literally lays right on your door step? Well, on Bank Holiday Monday (yay for a four day weekend!) me and my friend took a walk around a local beach/ coastal walkway. Taking some well needed fresh air and breathing in the sea air. With me living in the countryside, sites like this are literally, what, 15 minutes away?! Its quite bad really, when I think about it that I don't go and explore place's like this often I constantly want to go to cities and find joy in places miles and miles away, when really I can jump in my car and be in a place so beautiful as this, in no time at all!
All in all we did about 5 miles of walking, up and down sand dunes, through the masses of forest and along the pebbled beach. I've go to be honest, as I'm writing this now, I'm absolutely knackered from all the walking and am curled up in my dressing gown with my eyes rolling shut, no coffee is fighting this. Sometimes all you need to do is go for a long walk and it really puts everything into perceptive.. oh how cheesy of me, I'll stop rambling now, its the tiredness ok!!


[Top: New Look | Printed Trousers: Zara | Jacket: Next (similar) | Shoes: Next (similar)
Well Hello Spring, you have finally got you're act together and treated us to some sun. Yes, you may have not given us the heat, but at least you've let the sun shine.. it'll do for now, it'll do for now.
Today marks Good Friday and good it was, for the first time in a long time I've actually managed to have a day out, taking outfit photos, edited them, uploaded them AND write this very post, all in one day. Now I actually don't remember when this happened last, oh well it is a very nice feeling!
Today I went for a lovely lunch with my family in a little town not too far away, literally their chicken, stuffing and cranberry ciabatta was amazing... and obviously I had a coffee too, obviously.
As the sun was shining, I braved the aaaall white everythaang look. Well, *a lot more white than usually* look. A few weeks ago, when in Cardiff, I picked up these white, patterned trousers from Zara and felt they would need a lot of courage to brave them. But, I paired them with a white top and toned it all down with a dark, grey woollen jacket. So, I didn't think it was as intense as wearing all white, I'll leave that look down to Kim K haha. I was actually lucky too, because miraculously I didn't spill anything down me, no food stains or coffee drips. I came home in the same actual white trouser and tops.. does this means I'm finally growing up HAHA, usually I need bib I'm that messy with food! - I've definitely jinxed it now, haven't it.
~Happy Easter Everyone! x


Aah Spa Days, I was asked by a beauty therapist, as she gently massaged some kind of rose oil into  my face, 'do you come on spa days often?' and the answer to that question was 'unfortunately not near as many as I wish I did!' - On Monday, me and my mum took a trip to Craxton Manor Spa, some 10 minutes outside Chester (bit of perspective/ geography for you all!), as a gift from me to her as it was my mums birthday last week. During the course of the day we did, well, nothing. I read a bit, I swam a bit, read a bit more.. so on and so forth. Sometimes, well for me, I can get a bit stressed out, ok yes I may stress about the smallest things (I'm 19 for god sakes, what the hell do I actually have to stress about?!) but, it is nice to something's just switch off and chill out. Literally have a day were all you have to consider is whether you are to stay in the sauna for five more minutes or go back to the lounger and carry on reading. Spa Days are a bit of a luxury, the last one for me was around a year ago I think, so its true, I don't come on spa days quite as often as I wish. But when I do, I literally spend every moment I can, relaxing, completely switching off... oh what a lovely day with my mum, god love her!

Hey, Mr Blue Sky

[Top: SoulCal | Jeans: Topshop | Coat: Next | Shoes: C/O Boohoo]
 With yesterday marking the start of a brand new season, I thought it was only right to introduce to you some new additions to my wardrobe. With it clocking over into Spring, its only right that things start lightening and brightening up around here. This coat for instance, what screams spring like a bright yellow coat, not much I'd say?! The yellows (and light pinks) are definitely something I love in spring, because it starts brightening up outside and I'm never one for  black head to toe... I'm all for the bright colours for the season ahead!

Also, I don't know whether its entirely obvious in these pictures, but I had my hair done on Saturday. As the Spring comes into play, I love to go blonder, so this has been ticket off my list for another year (well, tbh I might go to the hairdressers in a few months and get just a few more highlights!) ~ but for now I am a few shades lighter!
Finally, as a final addition for spring, I was kindly gifted a pair of tan suede shoes from Boohoo (probably the first and last time I'm gifted something like this!! haha) I love tan coloured shoes, wedges also, being a breath of fresh air away from the chunky/ warm boots of the seasons before.. I feel Spring is going to be good season this year, lets just hope the sun plays ball!

*The 'Emma Fringe Mule Demi Wedges' are C/O Boohoo as a part of their Step into Spring Campaign*

The Book List #4

Another month has passed and I've managed to finish another book, my second of the year (I'm pretty impressed to be honest because I can be the one who gives up half way through reading one!)
I bought this one just after Christmas - half price in WHSmith (yay for sales!) and the reason being, my mum had read the first instalment of this story (well she forgot, but I definitely remember her reading it!) and I remembered how much she said she loved it.

Another Weekend in Cardiff

 ~Breakfast in 'Coffee Barker'~
 Over the Weekend I took a trip to Cardiff and trip to see my friend (who I've known since we were 4!) who's in Uni and really just a general get away from reality/work/over-familiar surrounding. With me living in North Wales its a heeeell of a train journey to the south, which includes four-and-a-half hours of winding in and out the English border and countless cross country views, until you're finally graced with the bright lights of (one of the only welsh) cities!
Anyway, despite the long journey, On Friday I decided to book the day off work and head down to see my friend. Whilst we were there, because we were the true definition of party animals, we had breakfast out, headed for some afternoon tea, did some general shopping (only bought 3 things though #spendingban & all that!) watched the rugby (England may have won, but Wales are better ok lol) and just generally had the most relaxing, nice few days.

~The Grounds of Cardiff Castle~

Places we visited (because you can't go away for a weekend and not eat out!) included Pettigrew Tea Rooms in the grounds of Cardiff Castle, a ole-worlde tea room which served coffees in china cups and sandwiches on patterned plates if you ask me, I wish all my lunches were served like this haha.
Also, for Breakfast on the Sunday (before me train, boo) we went to a Victoria/perhaps-Edwardian (history isn't my strong point) style Tea Room, were I had thee nicest Eggs Benedict and some berry fruit tea, all for an extremely reasonable price. not to mention the fact the d├ęcor is the most aesthetically pleasing!
Anyway, I thought I'd share some moments from my weekend in Cardiff, I have to say despite all the food and loveliness, the highlight has to be the fact on the Saturday night we went for food relatively early, went back to her halls, put our pyjamas on and watched 'Spiceworld' in bed! - Literally what more do I need in life!

~Afternoon Tea & Lunch in 'Pettigrew Tea Rooms'

Instagram Update #8

I'm naaaat really sure how I've managed to rack up eight, EIGHT Instagram Updates, but hey hoo here's another instalment of pictures posted on the 'gram..
Top Line: #InternationalWomensDay | ELLE MAGAZINE. | Ibiza Throwback
Middle Line: Pretty Spring Flowers | Costa & a Magazine on one lazy Sunday | Blue Shoez
Bottom Line: Unintentionally matching my Nail Varnish & Smoothie | Planning out March | Burberry Scarf
As I always say, comment your links below and I'll be sure to follow back. I'm over at 'lisaaa1809' if you fancy more of a nosey!

Designer Discovery | Alice + Olivia

 :: Alice + Olivia

Its a known fact by now that I love to browse, browse shops, browse websites, I just love to look at things and (often) pretend I can afford it... Yeah I tend to browse the Net a Porter website a lot more than Forever 21 or Topshop. It was whilst I was on the Net a Porter website, amoungst all the lusting of Valentino shoes (I'll buy these eventually, then I'll stop moidering on about them!) or drooling over Saint Laurent that I discovered a brand called Alice + Olivia. With me, once I like a brand I tend to always want to look at and purchase from them specific - take Zara & Ted Baker as an example, my wardrobe is basically a 50/50 split! 
Once I started looking into what these had in store, I literally fell in love. I'd say the vibe of there peices is quite bohemian, its has very flowy dresses and seventies patterns. The off the shoulder top pictured below is a top I would die for. I don't know, its just when you see a collection of items and you just love every single thing, you know its on the list, well its on my list of brands I'll be drooling over many a gloomy night on the Ipad! The one thing I'd say broken my heart a tiny bit was the price range. Don't get me wrong, its not extortionate, we're not talking high four figure sums for a basic balck t-shirt. But they are sort of, mid three figures - (again) the off the shoulder top below (ive fallen in love with it basically) is around £300. So its not a brand I'm able to shop from often, its more a brand I would save up and buy I piece.. Then cherish that piece with every bone in my body. Anyway, this is the latest installment of Designer Discovery, Its actually been a very long time since ive found new brand I've not heard of.. Well ladies and gentlemen, here is Alice + Olivia.
~Alice + Olivia on Net a Porter (all photos used)
~Alice + Olivia Website


Now I wouldn't call myself the most motivated girl in the world, no I don't get out of bed every morning at 5.30am screeching a merry song ready to give life a kick in the bum, sometimes I don't want to exercise, only eat salad and live the most fulfilled life... but, to me you don't have to have the most perfectly construed plan to stay motivated and be successful. I find small things help me stay happy, help me stay on the straight and narrow and make me not want to scream into every pillow in sight. For me, motivation is all about staying happy, staying on a wave of happiness were you can literally achieve whatever you want to.
For me, staying on a wave of happiness and being motivated is down to extremely small, achievable tasks I try (and sometimes fail, lets be real here) to keep me on a good level of being content.
One being Routine, without routine I literally would crumble, I'm the girl that has to get out of bed every morning at the right time, have my lunch at the same time, even be in bed no later than 11am.. I feel this helps me because it keeps you on track and you think less, calm is always good! - With that I think Keeping a Calendar definitely motivates me to work hard. Seeing events you've planned right in front of you makes the days in-between count, it means you have to work for it, besides nothing in life is free, so working for these events definitely makes you work that little harder.
The most important thing for me to stay motivated is to stay off social media, wait let me elaborate..! Sometimes, and you all will probably agree with me, I've sent hours just staring at Twitter/Instagram/Whatever, refreshing and refreshing my time line, for no apart reason than being lazy. This then leads to me looking into other peoples lives, endlessly scrolling an Instagram account or Blog, just thinking to myself 'their blogs is flawless, what's the point in me even trying, ill never be that good' -This is the worst thing to do, I'm literally an endorser for blog love and inspiration, but if you overindulge it can serious knock your motivation. At this point put.the.phone.down. Social Media is an amazing tool, but too much of it can be the worst!
Anyway 800 millions words later, I think I've finished typing..
What are you ways to keep motivated, have you been on Social Media a *little* bit too much in one day?