Aah Spa Days, I was asked by a beauty therapist, as she gently massaged some kind of rose oil into  my face, 'do you come on spa days often?' and the answer to that question was 'unfortunately not near as many as I wish I did!' - On Monday, me and my mum took a trip to Craxton Manor Spa, some 10 minutes outside Chester (bit of perspective/ geography for you all!), as a gift from me to her as it was my mums birthday last week. During the course of the day we did, well, nothing. I read a bit, I swam a bit, read a bit more.. so on and so forth. Sometimes, well for me, I can get a bit stressed out, ok yes I may stress about the smallest things (I'm 19 for god sakes, what the hell do I actually have to stress about?!) but, it is nice to something's just switch off and chill out. Literally have a day were all you have to consider is whether you are to stay in the sauna for five more minutes or go back to the lounger and carry on reading. Spa Days are a bit of a luxury, the last one for me was around a year ago I think, so its true, I don't come on spa days quite as often as I wish. But when I do, I literally spend every moment I can, relaxing, completely switching off... oh what a lovely day with my mum, god love her!


  1. *still jealous* ;) hope you had a nice time!

  2. I saw your instagram of the below picture and was so jealous! It sounds like you had an amazing day and regardless of only being 19, things are stressy and a Spa day is totally needed! xx


    1. I had such a nice day of relaxing and completely switching off, haha I'm glad you agree that it was needed, things can get stressy, everyone needs a spa day once in a while!! xxx