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Another Weekend in Cardiff

 ~Breakfast in 'Coffee Barker'~

 Over the Weekend I took a trip to Cardiff and trip to see my friend (who I've known since we were 4!) who's in Uni and really just a general get away from reality/work/over-familiar surrounding. With me living in North Wales its a heeeell of a train journey to the south, which includes four-and-a-half hours of winding in and out the English border and countless cross country views, until you're finally graced with the bright lights of (one of the only welsh) cities!
Anyway, despite the long journey, On Friday I decided to book the day off work and head down to see my friend. Whilst we were there, because we were the true definition of party animals, we had breakfast out, headed for some afternoon tea, did some general shopping (only bought 3 things though #spendingban & all that!) watched the rugby (England may have won, but Wales are better ok lol) and just generally had the most relaxing, nice few days.

~The Grounds of Cardiff Castle~

Places we visited (because you can't go away for a weekend and not eat out!) included Pettigrew Tea Rooms in the grounds of Cardiff Castle, a ole-worlde tea room which served coffees in china cups and sandwiches on patterned plates if you ask me, I wish all my lunches were served like this haha.
Also, for Breakfast on the Sunday (before me train, boo) we went to a Victoria/perhaps-Edwardian (history isn't my strong point) style Tea Room, were I had thee nicest Eggs Benedict and some berry fruit tea, all for an extremely reasonable price. not to mention the fact the décor is the most aesthetically pleasing!

Anyway, I thought I'd share some moments from my weekend in Cardiff, I have to say despite all the food and loveliness, the highlight has to be the fact on the Saturday night we went for food relatively early, went back to her halls, put our pyjamas on and watched 'Spiceworld' in bed! - Literally what more do I need in life!

~Afternoon Tea & Lunch in 'Pettigrew Tea Rooms'


  1. All that food looks so amazing, will definitely be saving these for the next time I visit Cardiff! Sounds like you had a fab time :)

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

    1. I did have a fab time thank you, the food was honestly amazing, these two places are a serious recommendation for Cardiff! x

  2. Ahhh looking at your pictures of food is making me so hungry hahaha! It looks so lovely in Cardiff! I've only been once, when I went around the uni but ended up deciding that it wasn't for me... But nonetheless the actual city was so lovely, I'd love to go back! xxx

    1. Aw seriously, Cardiff is so nice, it has so much to offer, the food, shops and views honestly are top of the list! (lol I sound like a bloody tour guide hahahha!)- I wish Cardiff wasn't so far away from where I live or I'd visit more often!! xxx

  3. This is such a cute post! I've never been to Cardiff but it looks gorgeous :) x