[Top: New Look | Printed Trousers: Zara | Jacket: Next (similar) | Shoes: Next (similar)
Well Hello Spring, you have finally got you're act together and treated us to some sun. Yes, you may have not given us the heat, but at least you've let the sun shine.. it'll do for now, it'll do for now.
Today marks Good Friday and good it was, for the first time in a long time I've actually managed to have a day out, take outfit photos, edited them, uploaded them AND write this very post, all in one day. Now I actually don't remember when this happened last, oh well it is a very nice feeling!
Today I went for a lovely lunch with my family in a little town not too far away, literally their chicken, stuffing and cranberry ciabatta was amazing... and obviously I had a coffee too, obviously.
As the sun was shining, I braved the aaaall white everythaang look. Well, *a lot more white than usually* look. A few weeks ago, when in Cardiff, I picked up these white, patterned trousers from Zara and felt they would need a lot of courage to brave them. But, I paired them with a white top and toned it all down with a dark, grey woollen jacket. So, I didn't think it was as intense as wearing all white, I'll leave that look down to Kim K haha. I was actually lucky too, because miraculously I didn't spill anything down me, no food stains or coffee drips. I came home in the same actual white trouser and tops.. does this means I'm finally growing up HAHA, usually I need bib I'm that messy with food! - I've definitely jinxed it now, haven't it.
~Happy Easter Everyone! x


  1. THE BAGGGGGG! Oh my god I love it so much! Hope you had a nice time my lovely! Xxx

    1. My Bag is literally my baby haha! - Thank youuuuu! xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I think my bag's the best thing I've ever bought to be honest! x