Don't You Step on My Blue Suede Shoes

[All; Zara | Sunglasses; Prada]
Ok, ye ye my whole outfit is Zara but to be honest that's really nothing new...!
Anyway, on Sunday I'd planned to go for a nice day out in a local town, a plan to go for lunch and look in the little shops, looking forward to a walk around the castle walls (because there's a castle everywhere you look in Wales basically!), with a women from work (she may be 30 years older than me but we're basically best friends HAHA!) - well fast forward to Saturday night and it turns out she's caught the bug and our plan is cancelled.. fuck.
To salvage something out of my weekend I decided to dressed up it something other joggers and a hoodie and made a last minute plan to meet my friend for a Carvery in a local pub (We've both worked there for 5 years, but I hardly ever work there now due to my new job) But, he was working there on Sunday so I caught him on his break and had a massive plate of roast dinner!
As they say 'every cloud has a silver lining) because I hadn't seen him for a few weeks and had a catch up and laughed a lot, So at the end of the Weekend it wasn't a bad few days off!
Also, the Sun actually came out and wasn't rainy, so BINGO!


  1. Ahhh your jumper and shoes are so gorgeous! Looking lovely as ever! Xxx

  2. Oooooh stop it, you are too kind to me! Thank you, you lovely person! xxx

  3. I love this outfit, so effortlessly chic and those shoes are to die for. Also you have amazing hair, mine used to be as voluminous as yours but it's changes as I've grown older :( xx

    Charlotte | Just Charlotte

    1. aw thank you! I'm not sure what I did to my hair this day, but it can be flat as a pancake at the best of times!! xx