The Book List #4 | After You

Another month has passed and I've managed to finish another book, my second of the year (I'm pretty impressed to be honest because I can be the one who gives up half way through reading one!)
I bought this one just after Christmas - half price in WHSmith (yay for sales!) and the reason being, my mum had read the first instalment of this story (well she forgot, but I definitely remember her reading it!) and I remembered how much she said she loved it.

This is the Sequel to the 'Me Before You' a book I've read so many amazing reviews about but never actually read it. If I'm honest, I really could have done with reading the first instalment, though it really isn't that necessary as you're pretty much filled in about what has happened previously throughout. I really should tell you what this book is about, shouldn't it (I'm speaking as if you all know what I'm on about here!!)
The story follows Louisa Clark, a twenty something, living in London, who previously (from the  book before this) became a carer for a quadriplegic named Will. As the story unfolds, we find out just how much she had been through, caring for Will and the main narrative of the story features Will past coming back and giving Louisa a lot on her plate...
If I'm honest, the storyline, although compelling, isn't the most gripping. Don't get me wrong, there was never a time were I wanted to put it down after a few pages because of boredom. It was just a little lifeless at times, the main storyline isn't the most exiting and this only dawned on me once I had finished it. Its that thing of someone asking you 'so what's it about?' and you're response is 'Well this happens, and yeah that's it really'
For me I think its more of a light read, it was never boring, just never really exiting. But, I've finished it and its another pretty looking book to add to the book shelf! Rating? 6.5/10.


  1. Sounds quite interesting, but maybe not for me as I get bored reading a book if it's not at all exciting!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I'm usually the same, but I persevered with this one - hmm im just not sure its big on the entertaining front! x

  2. I've heard Me Before You is amazing! Not sure about this one though..! Also there's a movie coming out for Me Before You and the trailer looks really gripping xxx

    1. Yeah, I really should have read Me Before You first! www I haven't seen the trailer, I didn't know it was being made into a film, might give the film a try when it comes out! xxx