Instagram Update #9

I'm not sure how I've managed to rack up nine of these Instagram updates, by now I'm probably so repetitive in what I type in them but oh well, blogging is a personal diary and I love to note what I've Instagrammed - so here has been my life on Instagram over the past few months... enjoy!
FIRST LINE: Zara - Forever damaging my bank account | Blossom | #OOTD to go to Chester
SECOND LINE: Being a little obsessed with Waitrose flowers | Al fresco dining | Day out in Betws y Coed
THIRD LINE: #OOTD | Crying at the beauty of my Valentino shoes | Saturday Selfie


Attempting the Playsuit & Tights Combo

[Playsuit: Boutique of Molly | Jacket: Next | Tights: Next | Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company (similar) | Shoes: Fat Face]

Well well well, its been a long while since I've even dared wear a playsuit, I'd almost forgotten what it felt like to be in an all-in-one. I'm thinking the last time was last summer, in the sun, catching some rays in Cyprus.. ah what does that feel like again?! - Anyway, over the weekend I had some well needed family time, mooching around shops, going for lunch and actually being out in the sunshine, all in a said playsuit. As it is now starting to look up in terms of weather and temperature (well its at least a little above 5 degrees now..) I thought it would be the perfect time to debut this absolutely gorgeous playsuit from a little brand I found through twitter; Boutique of Molly. I think its absolutely great to support small brands, so I quickly snapped up and bought this paisley patterned playsuit, its so vibrant and although its going to look perfect when I'm on holiday (70 or so days to go, AH!) I thought I'd wear it over the weekend - toning it down with casual grey jacket and tights.. after all it wasn't actually appropriate to donning the sandals and bear legs, there are just a few more months until that fateful day.

Talking, of new discovery's, or actually discovering old treasures, I found my satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company. I bought it literally about 4/5 years ago - the same time they had that Google advert (anyone remember it?!) Well, I was looking in my draws and did the whole 'OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT I OWNED THIS!!' - Well, that got its welcome return and its back for good, I actually remember it being quite expensive for me at the time and saving all my money from my Saturday night job to buy it... aw sorry satchel for neglecting you, welcome back in my life oxoxo



So, if you follow me on Twitter you may or may not know, I finally plucked up the courage and bought some Valentino Rockstuds - something I've literally been debating about for around a year (well it feels like a year HAHA) - I may just add I'm not bragging etc, I'm just really really exited that I finally saved enough money to but these beauties! - to be honest, most people would feel uncomfortable paying so much for shoes, but my justification is, whilst I have no bills/ mortgage to pay, I can be a little reckless with my money hahaha is that enough of a justification?!
Anyway, THE SHOES; I purchased the nude/ mauve coloured ballerina flats, as I thought they'd both be practical, at least I can wear them more than if I'd purchased heels! - plus, this colour is so versatile, I can't imagine much that won't work with them. Size-wise, I bought them in 5 (38 European size) because there is isn't really any other size that I go to, so the fit is perfect. Sometimes, you find you have to go up or down a size in certain styles for them to fit, but I bought them in a 5 and they fit my size 5 feet, perfect (and no confusion!)
Overall, I can honestly say I've never loved a pair of shoes so much, I wore them for the first time on Saturday night (dinner out with my mum - post coming on Wednesday!) and I have to add that the soles have absolutely no grip, they are literally so smooth, almost too beautifully smooth to want to walk in them, but as I walked over gravel etc, they soon gained grip! I have to add that I wore them and literally couldn't stop staring at the beauty of them, its one of those surreal moments were you've pined for something for so long, you can't quite believe they're yours.. The quote by Carrie Bradshaw comes to mind..
'I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet'

Wardrobe Staples on Hold.

So, it seems hear in Britain, as soon as you get you're hopes up that Spring/Summer/ just general warm weather has arrived, it disappears in a blink of an eye and you're back to wrapping up in blankets and praying its stop raining for just an hour at least.
Well, take last (Easter) Sunday for example, here on Anglesey, we had Sunshine, Torrential Rain, Sleet AND a Thunder Storm (with lightening) all within one day.. #ClimateChange
Anyway, back to the actually point of the post (I'm really not educated enough to lecture you all on the rising temperate of the plant etc.. I'll leave that to the professionals) - Fashion staples that have been temporarily put on hold for me, and *hopefully* be resurrected asap when the weather does actually get its arse in gear..
The first being, short sleeve and cropped tops. For example in the top photo
(or on me here last summer for reference) I've very much worn this top to death in the summer months, but as of now, its a little bit too summery and well, cold. It actually sits just in the middle of my belly button, meaning it does show a little bit of flesh, so really with the way spring is as the mo, doooesn't really fit in!
Second, are skirts, skirts with thick black tights don't really scream Springtime, but its too cold to wear nude tights either.. I always find this transitional period of season weird, I've sported this Topshop mini, scalloped skirt last August and back then it was warm.
So skirt with nude tights or bare legs are just going to have to
 wait just a few more weeks/months!
Finally are dolly shoes/ ballerina flats, whatever you want to call them. I honestly, don't think I've worn ballerina shoes this year yet, because boots have basically been strapped to my feet. And even if I have, my feet have ended up hypothermic or completely sodden. I just really really want it to brighten up so I can leave the house and not worry my feet will freeze because I don't have socks on.. PLEASE GOD, PLEASE.

Back in 1992.

[Rollneck: River Island | Jeans: Forever21 (similar) | Belt: Redherring (similar) | Shoes: Next]

Before I start, please forgive me that the photo on the left is blurry ok, thanks.
So this weekend consisted of very little for me, basically lounging about, drinking coffee, eating big amazing Sunday dinner.. oh and dressing like a mum stuck in 1992. I can't exactly pinpoint why this outfit looks so 90's, but it somehow does and I somehow like it. Is it the roll neck? Is it the whitewash denim? Who knows, but on Saturday night I did watch Pretty Women for the first time, so maybe Julia Roberts somehow influenced my wardrobe choices!
Anyway, my very casual outfit of choice this weekend was three pieces I've more than rocked before on this blog, oh how I wish I could be one of those people who has a completely new outfit everyday! - but for now here's my '90 inspired look., ladies & gents..

Click Click | How I Take My Photos

 So a few weeks (maybe months) ago, the ever so wonderful Lily (aka bestbloggerbestieevaaa) commented on a post and suggested I show how I take my pictures. Well, since I'm kinda running low on blogging inspiration at the moment, I thought this would be a fun post to put together. So, I thought I'd talk through, what/ how/ where I take my photos..
To be perfectly honest, my photos aren't anything spectacular, there isn't really a trick because I'm literally the biggest novice going..