Attempting the Playsuit & Tights Combo

[Playsuit: Boutique of Molly | Jacket: Next | Tights: Next | Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company (similar) | Shoes: Fat Face]

Well well well, its been a long while since I've even dared wear a playsuit, I'd almost forgotten what it felt like to be in an all-in-one. I'm thinking the last time was last summer, in the sun, catching some rays in Cyprus.. ah what does that feel like again?! - Anyway, over the weekend I had some well needed family time, mooching around shops, going for lunch and actually being out in the sunshine, all in a said playsuit. As it is now starting to look up in terms of weather and temperature (well its at least a little above 5 degrees now..) I thought it would be the perfect time to debut this absolutely gorgeous playsuit from a little brand I found through twitter; Boutique of Molly. I think its absolutely great to support small brands, so I quickly snapped up and bought this paisley patterned playsuit, its so vibrant and although its going to look perfect when I'm on holiday (70 or so days to go, AH!) I thought I'd wear it over the weekend - toning it down with casual grey jacket and tights.. after all it wasn't actually appropriate to donning the sandals and bear legs, there are just a few more months until that fateful day.

Talking, of new discovery's, or actually discovering old treasures, I found my satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company. I bought it literally about 4/5 years ago - the same time they had that Google advert (anyone remember it?!) Well, I was looking in my draws and did the whole 'OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT I OWNED THIS!!' - Well, that got its welcome return and its back for good, I actually remember it being quite expensive for me at the time and saving all my money from my Saturday night job to buy it... aw sorry satchel for neglecting you, welcome back in my life oxoxo



  1. Oh my goshhh I love the playsuit! They're one of my favourite things to wear in summer and I just keep gazing into my wardrobe and wishing it was warm enough haha! Looking gorgeous as ever, my lovely!! <3 xxx

    1. I'd forgotten how much I missed playsuit, this ones so summery- really can't wait for my holiday now! Xxx

    2. Ooh where abouts are you going on holiday?! xxx

    3. To Ibiza with my mum (the nice/ quiet part!) - literally can't wait till the end of June yayy! xxx