Back in 1992.

[Rollneck: River Island | Jeans: Forever21 (similar) | Belt: Redherring (similar) | Shoes: Next]

Before I start, please forgive me that the photo on the left is blurry ok, thanks.
So this weekend consisted of very little for me, basically lounging about, drinking coffee, eating big amazing Sunday dinner.. oh and dressing like a mum stuck in 1992. I can't exactly pinpoint why this outfit looks so 90's, but it somehow does and I somehow like it. Is it the roll neck? Is it the whitewash denim? Who knows, but on Saturday night I did watch Pretty Women for the first time, so maybe Julia Roberts somehow influenced my wardrobe choices!
Anyway, my very casual outfit of choice this weekend was three pieces I've more than rocked before on this blog, oh how I wish I could be one of those people who has a completely new outfit everyday! - but for now here's my '90 inspired look., ladies & gents..


  1. Obsessed with your hair in this!! It looks soo nice! <3 Also the shoes are beautiful! xxx

    1. Aaah thank you, I'd actually plaited my hair the night before thinking it would be all voluminous in the morning, but I was like a massive puff ball, so I had to put it back in a low bobble to control it - HAHA little story time there about my hair!! xxx