Click Click | How I Take My Photos

 So a few weeks (maybe months) ago, the ever so wonderful Lily (aka bestbloggerbestieevaaa) commented on a post and suggested I show how I take my pictures. Well, since I'm kinda running low on blogging inspiration at the moment, I thought this would be a fun post to put together. So, I thought I'd talk through, what/ how/ where I take my photos..
To be perfectly honest, my photos aren't anything spectacular, there isn't really a trick because I'm literally the biggest novice going..
With Photography, I use my Nikon D3300 and set it up on the 'Aperture-Priority Mode' or jus A on the dial (oh how technical) and basically whack the brightness right up haha. To be honest, I could do with someone sitting me down and give me a very detailed explanation on how to use my camera because I've come so close to throwing it through a window as I don't know how to use it HAHA #SendHelp
For Setup, I take all my photos in my conservatory (obvs apart from photos from weekends away etc, well obviously Lisa, duh) because its near enough as good as taking photos outside, natural lighting is where its at really isn't it?! For photos like flat lays etc, I usually use a long white board that, to be honest, I found behind our sofa (true story) I think it was from when we re-did the kitchen, but I haven't actually asked hahaha, but it works perfectly. I love shooting on a white background, it just looks so much more crisp.
For props, I use such things as candles, flowers and for background, magazines, just to break up the picture. I'm not one to like an all white background, so pages with pattern look more appealing on the eye to me.

For my 'Outfit Posts', I literally have a small patch in the corner of the conservatory and I usually just stand there with my camera on 'multi-shot' 10 second timer, do this for about 15 minutes (and most of the same scream because of my face) then eventually, boom there's my pictures.

Finally, for Editing I edit all my pictures on Picmonkey, its not the best (well on my laptop) because my laptop has a tendency to freeze when I use it haha, but it does just the trick when my laptop wants to play ball so, I'd recommend it - its free to use too so, go go go!

Anyway, I hope that was a little bit informative if you care at all how I produce photos for this blog, I shall carry on this routine and continue to look like I know what I'm doing HAHA



  1. Shhhh your photos are beautiful!! Also I'm so glad you mentioned what you use for the white background because I've been curious for ages haha - and yesss, natural lighting is the best!! Xxx

    1. Hahaha the secrets out now about my white board! - can't beat a bit of natural lighting, it just makes life so much easier!! xxx

  2. Haha, I love the honesty here 😊 Your pics are great, you're obviously doing something right!