My Dressing Table

Its not very often I do beauty posts of any kind, if I'm honest, the main reason is that I don't know enough about makeup, I literally do my makeup everyday and only buy a new items it my previous one has run out.. that's not really #beautyblogger is it.. that's mainly why I leave it to the more abled. BUT, for this post I thought I'd talk through the products on my dressing table, the items I use mostly on a daily basis and trust the most. With these items, I am aware not all are cruelty-free, but as noted in my BUNNY-FREE blog post, I'm trying to use up all the items that aren't cruelty free, not repurchasing them again.. I thought that would be worth noting!*

 Anyway, ma dresser.
The two biggest loves that I turn to daily are my L'occitane products, the precious cream and the lime hand cream. I've honestly lost count on the number of pots of the precious cream I've gone through (I'm thinking this is my 4th!?) but it honestly leaves my skin so balanced and fresh, its so amazing, seriously. Same with the hand cream, it sinks into the hands so quickly and I very rarely get the whole 'greasy hands from hand lotion' feeling, its so great!
Other things include L'Oreal's mythic oil that my hairdresser suggested, I usually run that through the ends of my hair every time I'm about to dry it and the Simple light moisturiser, used for some mornings. 
One thing I will note, that is a serious stand out (and new purchase) in the NailsInc NailKale super food base coat. I'll do a more in depth post soon, but it has honestly saved my nails. They used to be so bendy and flaky and now they are just about back to strength after just a few weeks.. seriously so good.
Anyway, as you can tell I ramble a little too much and make not a lot of sense in beauty posts, there's just another reason I don't do these often, but I thought it'd be a kind of interesting post for you to see what is on my dresser..