Recently in my Wardrobe no.2

[ABOVE: Zara: Blue Top | Patterned Blouse | Shorts]
[BELOW: Hobbs: Trench Coat]
As mentioned in my previous post, I went shopping over the weekend and whenever I am near nice shops, damage is done.. what can I say, I'm a good shopper hahaha ~angel face emoji~
I first waltzed into Zara and actually didn't go as crazy as I usually do, ok yes I still picked up three things, but I was actually (and quite badly) surprised when I went to the till, because the total of the three items wasn't triple figures (usually I'm well into the three digits) - Am I maturing? - its probably because I had the Trench coat below on top of my list.. now that was in the triple figures!
In Zara, I picked up some spring like pieces that will work well now as well as on holiday in a few months time. The blue fringe-like top is something I instantly fell for when I saw it in all its glory on the hanger - its very reminiscent of pieces from  the Alexa Chung for Marks & Spencer line (or whatever the tag line for that collection was!) Its very frilly and quite stiff in structure, but I actually love it! I also picked up a light, patterned blouse which goes extremely well with the shorts. I tried these two on together and they're both comfortable and airy for the season ahead!
Lastly, I picked up what can only be described as thee most stunning coat I think I have ever come across. I've been toying with the idea of buying a trench for a long time because they're so timeless and elegant. I can't really imagine much that isn't going to go with this. I (again) waltzed into Hobbs, spotted it and waltzed out with it all wrapped in fancy tissue paper and a even more stunning bag and I was one very happy bunny..
Like I said, I do know how to do this retail therapy malarkey.


  1. Love love love the trench coat!! It's very reminiscent of Burberry and as we all know, I'm a big fan of the Burberry ;) xxxx

    1. Until I can afford a Burberry trench coat, this one will do for me! - its beautiful yeah, loooove it so much too!! xxxx

  2. That blue top is so pretty xx