Suffering The Typical Wanderlust..

 Recently, I've been suffering from a little case of wanderlust. You know, that word that's used on Instagram a lot, that thing of wanting to travel lots.. well that's me right now. I think its the fact I work Monday to Friday in a office all day, you see the same four walls for five days a week, eight hours a day. Don't get me wrong I actually love my job, but it makes you think about the outside world, the things that I haven't seen yet.
I've been lucky enough to have been on lots of holidays since I was little, family holiday to places like Majorca, Cyprus, Egypt, Dominican Republic and even Disneyland Florida when I was 7. As amazing as these have been, I honestly cannot remember the things I've seen, the views, the food, because really I've basically spend the majority of my family holidays in the swimming pool, burning my shoulders and having abroad/ weird tasting chicken nuggets for tea.

Now I'm, well I was going to type an adult, I kinda could call myself that haha, well now I'm older and have a job etc, I thinks its become more important to me that I need to see this world. It's actually my worst fear in life, to have not seen the world, not having a fulfilled life..

Places I would love to visit would be places like Paris, Milan, Barcelona. As well as America, really explore the states, LA, New York, Las Vegas.. I'd actually LOVE to go to Texas, see the rodeo and all the southern culture. Me and my mum actually have a friend who lives in Fort Worth, so we really have no excuses!

Anyway, these places may be stereotypical for some, but now I'm a little older, I literally crave to see the world outside the holiday resorts, though to be honest holidays with my mum have been and are the best! I'm just seriously having some wanderlust at the moment..!




  1. Well we're going to LA one day so don't forget about that ;) And yessss, I'm the same! I really want to travel more! Especially the US (New York omg) and places like Paris and Iceland. In fact I've semi convinced my parents that we need a mini break to Iceland next winter so maybeeee! I'm going to Halkidiki (a Greek island) in July and I can't wait!! But if I had my way (and the money!) I'd jet off somewhere tomorrow xxx

    1. Oh god yes don't you worry we WILL be in LA one day!! - I seriously want to travel everywhere, New York would be so amazing and Paris aaaaah ONE DAY! xxx