So, if you follow me on Twitter you may or may not know, I finally plucked up the courage and bought some Valentino Rockstuds - something I've literally been debating about for around a year (well it feels like a year HAHA) - I may just add I'm not bragging etc, I'm just really really exited that I finally saved enough money to but these beauties! - to be honest, most people would feel uncomfortable paying so much for shoes, but my justification is, whilst I have no bills/ mortgage to pay, I can be a little reckless with my money hahaha is that enough of a justification?!

Anyway, THE SHOES; I purchased the nude/ mauve coloured ballerina flats, as I thought they'd both be practical, at least I can wear them more than if I'd purchased heels! - plus, this colour is so versatile, I can't imagine much that won't work with them. Size-wise, I bought them in 5 (38 European size) because there is isn't really any other size that I go to, so the fit is perfect. Sometimes, you find you have to go up or down a size in certain styles for them to fit, but I bought them in a 5 and they fit my size 5 feet, perfect (and no confusion!)
Overall, I can honestly say I've never loved a pair of shoes so much, I wore them for the first time on Saturday night (dinner out with my mum - post coming on Wednesday!) and I have to add that the soles have absolutely no grip, they are literally so smooth, almost too beautifully smooth to want to walk in them, but as I walked over gravel etc, they soon gained grip! I have to add that I wore them and literally couldn't stop staring at the beauty of them, its one of those surreal moments were you've pined for something for so long, you can't quite believe they're yours.. The quote by Carrie Bradshaw comes to mind..

'I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet'



  1. Ahhhhhh they're stunning <3 so jealous! ;) xxx

  2. Such pretty shoes! Something that is definitely a 'grown up' purchase, and is definitely going on my wishlist :)
    Kathy x