BEAUTY: L'Oreal Cushion Foundation


~ L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation~

In a previous post I mentioned how I'm never typically the girl who falls for a hype, well, not this time - my intrigue has definitely got the better of me and I couldn't help buying into the new craze in the beauty industry - cushion foundation. If I'm honest probably around a year ago I watched a Lisa Eldridge video and saw her test one of these, after a trip to South Korea if I remember correctly. Well following on from that, the UK seem to have followed suit and launched this for themselves (well, L'Oreal obvs isn't British but you catch my drift)
I picked up 01 Porcelain, taking a bit of a shot in the dark, because we all know what shop lighting is like, well turns out the colour match is pretty good to be fair! - I usually am the lightest, so it wasn't too hard distinguishing the correct shade.
In terms of the foundation itself *here's a beauty novice's opinion* its so much tidier to apply, I have been using the sponge that comes with it and patting it onto the skin, really makes for an even coverage. If I'm right, I'd say its kind of a medium coverage, and in the three days I've been trying it, I'd say it stays on pretty well!

To be honest, I'm never really a foundation wearer, only ever wearing it for fancy occasions, mainly due to the fact I don't like the cakey-feeling. With this, it does feel quite light on the skin - I still don't think I'll be switching to a daily-foundation-wearer, but this really won't be another foundation I push to the back of the cupboard!

*unfortunately I'm 90% sure this isn't a cruelty-free product, curiosity did get the better of me this time, but I still stand by not investing large sums of my money in products that aren't creulty-free!* 


Like Alexa

[Blouse & Trousers: Archive by Alexa at Marks & Spencer | Shoes: Valentino]
I'm always a bit hesitant to jump on any bandwagon. Whether its the everlasting love for MAC cosmetics, the Oskia gel that's every one's favourite or this whole 'strobbing' thing - I just never fall for a hype. Don't get me wrong, often curiosity does kill that cat and I do step foot on the wagon - Rimmel 107, anyone? - Besides this, there has been one trend in the airwaves recently that has got me exited, a collaboration between the kings of the meals-for-two and the, well, would the-most-stylish-women-out-there be too much of a boast? - the #ArchivebyAlexa range for Marks & Spencer is what I'm talking about. A collection designed through the influence of the archives of Marks & Spencer.
I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about the range at first glance. I kind of thought, 'oh, is this really it?' But once you actually look into the range properly, there are some real timeless pieces (oh look at me, sounding like I know what I'm on about #watchoutannawintour)
I eventually bought the 'Harry' Blouse in the light pink and the 'Lydia' trousers in a black and white gingham pattern. Both items are made with high quality material, to be honest I would never expect M&S to sell anything other. 
I agree, that the style of blouse is not to everyone's taste, it certainly took me a couple of times of looking at it to finally fall in love, but now I have it in my wardrobe, I think its beautiful.
Can Alexa Chung really do anything wrong? Well she hasn't really faltered yet as far as I'm aware...!

#PinkArmy ~ Race for Life 2016

~ Race for Life 2016 ~

So, yay I did it! - I managed to complete the Race for Life in 34minutes and 40seconds (well technically 39 seconds but whatever) I ran the majority of the 5k and to be honest I have never surprised myself so much haha! The event was held yesterday, the 20th, in a town not too far from me and it was the first time me doing it in about 5 years. If I'm honest, its one of those events that's it both heart-warming and extremely sad at the same time, seeing people with tributes to loved ones lost, pinned to their t-shirt makes my heart bleed. I was running in memory of my Taid (read: granddad) who passed away around 2 years ago of cancer, so I'd love to think he was looking down at me, proud, throughout the run.

A Typical Week in May..

I thought, as a little extra post this week I'd do a round up of probably very-boring-for-most highlights, including things I'm reading/ doing and bought..
Without being completely crippled for posting another selfie here, I'll give some context, all this week I've absolutely loved the feeling of my hair being straightened. I honestly don't think I've whipped out the ol' GHD's since year 10 (when the straight 'do was the shit) but since Monday, when I had just one of those 'huh, I fancy my hair straight' moments, I've loved how swishy its felt.. its probably not done my hair a whole lot of good, but you just can't beat the swish...

4 On the Spring List..

[Top Row - Bomber Jacket: Olive | Bunny Shoes: Minna Parikka at ASOS //
Bottom Row - Blouse: ASOS | Block Heels: Mulberry]

So it may come as no surprise to you, if you read my blog, that I spend a bit too much money on clothes and shoes. I'm not at all a bit spender on Makeup, on of each item does me fine. But with clothes, I'm constantly want and buying clothes, with the instant though of 'how cam I style this for a blog post?'.. I'm not the only one surely?! haha! Anyway, these are my top four items I seriously crave in my wardrobe, let the saving commence.

Pink Bomber Jacket at Olive: This is seriously needed in my wardrobe, bombers seem to have officially made a comeback and I can't believe I haven't hopped on this hype yet. I first saw this jacket on Instagram and fell in love with it, its been out of stock for quite a while and has only just come back in, ~may~ have to snap it up soon before I disappears again!

Minna Parikka Bunny Trainers at ASOS: Now these are just the best things I've ever seen. Ok, yes they may not be to everyone's taste but I bloody love them. The pompom on the back just adds to the cuteness. I don't own a proper pair of 'dressy' trainers, only running/old one to do menial things like popping to the shop or putting the bin out. These would be more casual ones but ones to wear out shopping.. oh just look at them!

Lace Panel Top at ASOS: I first saw this on Lydia Elise Millen in one of her YouTube videos and instantly thought I've got to have that blouse' It looks so flattering and girly, Its actually the cheapest item out of the four here at £35 so pretty standard for blouse. This is quickly going to be in my wardrobe I reckon!

Marylebone Mary-Jane Pumps at Mulberry: Ok so I've only just bought a pair of designer shoes, so these are low on my priority list at present, but that doesn't stop me from lusting after them. I think I go to look at them at least once a day. They're so beautiful and don't look too uncomfortable. They do seem appropriate for Autumn rather then summer, so if they are still available in a few months time, I may just have to invest.


Sunshine and Rainbows

[Blouse: Zara | Skirt: Zara (last year) | Shoes: C/O Boohoo | Bag: Lulu Guinness | Sunglasses: Prada]
Ok, so yes these pictures may be a bit too bright but to be honest when it came to editing them I felt a bit sad having to tone down the brightness, because they just show how nice the weather has been lately.. so I just left them in their bright/over-exposed glory..!
On Saturday I thought I'd (for the first time this year) brave the bare leg. Besides, It wasn't horrendously controversial and not once did I think 'Omg people think I'm mad wear a skirt and no tights'.. this just showed it was the right time. I went shopping to a local town (on my own my I add #MissIndependent) and had a quick whizz around, then came home a little bit later. I actually went to this specific town because I knew they had a clothes section in their Marks & Spencer, so thought yay great I can have a nosey at the Alexa Chung range. Yeah, turns out North Wales is officially behind the times with everything and all they had was Per Una and cotton blouses.. annoyinggggg - oh well all is not lost because the two pieces I had my eye on, despite being in and out of stock like a lighting flashes, were in stock when I checked the website Sunday morning, so they are officially on the way to me (keep an eye out for the blog post!!)
Anyway, later on my friend asked me if I wanted to go for some late lunch with her, so I had a lovely steak and chips, can't beat a pub lunch! Just to top off my fairly lovely Saturday, Eurovision was on and (like every year) I watched it solidly from start to finish. AND to make it just that ~little~ bit better JUSTIN FRICKIN TIMBERLAKE PREFORMED. He is honestly my fav person ever, I saw him in v festival two years ago and nearly cried with excitement.. oh what a good it was!
The warm weather does make everything feel that little better, doesn't it!

NAILSINC NailKale Superfood Base Coat // Saving My Nails.

Aaaaah my nails, they have been through a lot. Once they used to grow and grow and I'd have the strongest of nails, they'd look amazing and I would look at them with pride. Then, THEN, I started working, working in a pub as a waitress and the endless Saturdays of cleaning tables and sweating my sweet ass off resulted in limp, bending and just generally crap nails. Like I said, they've been through a lot.

Right, cutting out the dramatics, this is genuinely my nail care story so far. They honestly used to be so strong and white, but then working happened and they've never quite recovered. As I worked as a waitress solidly every weekend (and all week during holidays) the endless washing tables, dipping my hands in water has just ruined my nails. Although, since summer ended last year, I hardly ever work in the pub anymore, so in theory my nails should have slightly recovered. But not quite, they still are yet to returned to the nails  post 14 year old Lisa had, although this little crafty creation by NailInc may just being helping my nails on the road to recovery..

Whilst I was in Cardiff in March, my friend and me wandered into House of Fraser and passed the Nailsinc counter. Long story short, they gave use free hand massages and demoed the Base Coat, and me being me, hates saying no so I bought it. But if I'm completely honest its the best Base Coat I've yet to buy. I've been using it a solid month and a half and its starting to really restore my nails. I wear it either alone or under my nail polish and it really seems to be hydrating the nail bed. My nails are obviously far from being the claws I once owned, but I've started to notice the white returning to my nails with them being a lot less see-through. I hope as I continue to use this more and more my nails will return back to strength, because there is nothing worse, personally, then having short and limp nails, nothing worse.


Fashion Targets Breast Cancer


I think whether you're a blogger or not, we can all be guilty of spending too much money on clothes. Whether its buying a new blouse for a weekend away or just wanting to spruce up your wardrobe, its done by most. I'm one of these people, retail therapy is one of my favourite sports and is something I think I'm a ~little~ too good at. BUT, sometimes, there can be good in my spending - my recent Topshop purchase has actually more good than bad (so my bank balance can forgive me for this one!) As I bought into the charity campaign Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

It is a charity created by Ralph Lauren in 1996, who suffered the loss of a close friend to cancer. If I'm honest, its not a charity I've know a lot about, but after scrolling through the Topshop website and discovering the line, I thought what better then to spend on a genuinely well made piece of clothing and have 30% of the proceeds go towards breast cancer.

I bought the white body suit with the logo in pink on the front. Its both incredible comfortable and very fashion forward - well really, it is Ralph Lauren behind this!
At the end of the day, if its good enough for Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Elle McPherson et al. its good enough for me - here's my good deed of the day, done!


Talking a Little TMI..

After being tagged by the ever so amazing Lily to do the TMI tag a few weeks ago I thought, why the hell not - So here are a few As to your Qs about yours truly.. eeeenjoy!

Run Rabbit Run | Update no.3

I thought it was about time for a little fitness update, as I've been quite good as of late. Ok, I haven't ran the London Marathon or have abs to challenge Jessica Ennis, but I have been quite good ~for me~. I'll admit, I can be quite a lazy bugger at the best of times, but as I have job that doesn't require a lot of movement, I think its good to add some kind of physical activity into my day. To add to that, I do have the Race for Life in a few weeks time, which is around 3 miles - I plan to run it, well I want to say all of it, but I'll see how I go!

The Book List #5

 The latest book on my 'read' list so far this year is Wildflower by Drew Barrymore, a book full of short stories from every aspect of her life. She talks about her time filming E.T. to growing up in Los Angeles to having two daughters and everything else in between. I honestly found it such a light and cheerful book to read because her style of writing is very honest, with short chapters as well, meaning the stories are fresh and don't become stagnant or dragged on for too long. Its an auto-biography but in a very personal way, as its not a 'I became an actress and then it was happy ever after' its so much more. These are true stories about people she loves the most, chapters dedicated to her close friends and open letters to her two daughters Olive and Frankie. The stand out for me the Chapter 'Africa', telling us about her opening a learning centre for the children of Kenya, its so inspiring and shows she has used her fame for good use.

Overall, I would genuinely give this book a 9/10, due to the length being just enough for what she was portraying. Each chapter wasn't too long and her writing style had lots of humour and was very honest. A recommendation if you would like a light read, a book to pick up and put down whenever.

In The Trenches

[Trench: Hobbs | Blue Top: Zara | Jeans: Topshop | Heels: Mulberry (old stock)]

So, if you saw a few posts back, you will know I bought a trench coat.. finally. Its an item of clothing I've wanted for what feels like a millennium and I could never find the perfect one. Well, there is obviously the Burberry Trench coat which will forever be on my wish-list, but I don't really have the four figure sum in my bank account to quite press purchase just yet. In the meantime, I finally found the perfect Trench that is a lot more affordable and its the one of the most beautiful thing I currently own. Its such a soft and comfortable material with the fit being tailored to absolute perfect. Its definitely a real investment in my wardrobe.
Over the weekend, I gave the trench its first outing, to a fancy manor house for dinner - you know the meal were you get soups in between to 'cleanse the palette'.. well where else would wear such a jacket to, huh?!
Anyway, Me, my mum and a family friend, who was over here on holiday (who's 86 and from Texas - she's honestly the most amazing women!) went out for some food and to catch up on her adventures around Wales. It was such a lovely evening and the food, obviously was out of this world. Not a bad Saturday to kick off my Bank Holiday!